Defense looks weak early

Too many holes and receivers open

yep… again positioning by the defense and lazy tackling.

Hall looks really bad.

This is stupid! Poor preparation for a rainy day

how the heck does Kalani insist playing drop 8?

Too many players thinking BSU is just going to roll over for them.

Offense looks pathetic. OL is pathetic. If Hall isn’t going to run no need for him to be in there.

From the coaching staff to the players, BYU does not deserve to win. It appears they just don’t care. With an afternoon national TV audience even. Pitiful so far.

A little bit of rain and the wheels come off. Poor blocking and protecting the ball.

My bet with that Boise will win at the end.

Will we even be in the game? Can’t tackle either. Just a very poor effort all around.

Maybe the PAC12 is really,really bad

High ranking, national TV, a 2-3 opponent—what could go wrong?

Came out well and then the rain literally fell on the whole team. Bad coaching and play.

And several Boise secondary players did not play, were injured or ruled out of the game for targeting.

I am embarrassed and ashamed for being a BYU fan. Not for the loss but for the atrocious way they lost.

Yes, the turnovers but also bad coaching, bad decisions, bad pllaying and looked like both coaches and players (with some exceptions) had somewhere better to be during game time. I decided to punish myself for being a BYU fan by staying and watching the rest of the game from the 11:00 minute left in the game in the 4th quarter. I was punished.

Learned my lesson. Leaving BYU in my rearview mirror and turning my attention to the Razorbacks.

I’ll be back next week cheering for my school

As I am driving away (in my mind obviously) I was wondering; in the past 11 or 12 seasons, how many times did the Cougars FB or BB or even Baseball teams blow up a good season with a stupid game. Many, according to my memory.

Also, if I was voting, I would drop the Coogs down to 25 in the rankings. Enough, I have crossed the state line.

Naw…10 through 20 have losses already.

We lost this game because of two lost fumbles, back to back, and a bad risk taken by the coach on 4th and 2. Take those fumbles and the decision back, and we win.

Now, if our offense had performed, and our defense could have stopped the run, we still would have won. It wasn’t pretty. Makes me wonder what would have happened had Romney been in the game.

I don’t want a quarterback controversy, but if Hall’s strength is his running ability, why didn’t we see some of that? Of course, he’s still hurt and there’s no Romney to back him up, so we need to be conservative. Hall has a strong arm, but not accurate enough to beat BSU at home, apparently.

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Hall’s passing was pretty good. The OL was not as good as the last 5 games. I didn’t like running East and West with Algiers. What caused the loss:

  1. 3 fumbles, two inside the 25 yard line. That’s 14 points for Boise.
  2. Penalties and bad play calling at the Boise 5 and 10 yard line. That’s 14 points lost for BYU.
  3. Poor play calling on Offense.
  4. Defense didn’t do what USU did against Boise, blitz.
  5. Didn’t overcome the rain adversity in the 2nd quarter where Boise got the fumbles and 17 points. We weren’t prepared for the rain.

Minus 1 and 2, the score would have been 28-12 BYU

Bottom line is that BYU played right into the hands of BSU. They did exactly what BSU hoped they would… allow them multiple opportunities to win the game and then let them take advantage of those opportunities to actually win the game. Honestly, if BYU wants to even sniff at being a top level program they must do the things necessary to win games like this one. They are not a top 10 team, I’ve known that for the past several weeks, because they haven’t been dominant once this season and the defense is lacking consistency and innovation. Too predictable… and the offense is stagnating as the play calling was suspect (why pass on 1st and goal at the 3 or first and goal at the 1? they did that on two separate occasions) on offense and especially so on defense as they simply lost the line of scrimmage battle and refused to pressure the QB until it was too late. When they finally did it was effective, making that aspect of the defense even more frustrating to watch.

BYU doesn’t adjust, they don’t learn or progress from game to game and they don’t play inspired when it matters. It’s really disappointing.