Defense shutting down Navy so far

Offense misses Bushman. But, they should still throw to the tight ends anyways. Who was that big tight end who looked like Taysom Hill? Hurdle time!

304 to 48 yards.

Easy win.

Hard to say that BYU is that good or Navy is that bad. BYU played very well and dominated the entire game from start to finish. Obviously this is going to be a strange season and being that it is still 2020, why would we expect different.

Watching TV and anything associated with media or news you would think that we are in the middle of the worst deadly outbreak of disease the world has ever known. We all know that isn’t the case but it is like we have now lost most of our freedoms. I have been saying for years that we were slowly losing freedom but now it seems to be in full on aggressive freedom removal mode.


I can’t even comment on a simple football game without yapping about political stuff… sad.

Should Biden win - expect freedoms to dwindle down to not much. Ok, ok, a football posting site.

I thought the team exceeded all expectations. Particularly the defense. I don’t know if Sitake inserted himself into the defense to help his inept DC or not but whatever they did it worked. I think we will get another game or 2 scheduled this year.

The non-tackling in practice is just an excuse for being man-handled by BYU. Military is about no excuses, right!

Now that we’ve played Navy triple options Last night. BYU defense will review the game and work on to improve For army game. Not sure if navy was any good or didn’t work hard Enough during fall camp but I like the WIN last night