Defense solid, offense anemic in grading BYU's loss to Missouri - 15 Nov


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The best offensive play of game for BYU was indeed the play action that scored Algie Brown. We needed about ten more of them. Our lackluster offensive scheme looked like little league verses an aggressive Mo. defense.

no creativity… that has been one of Anae’s hallmarks since the beginning of time.

That play at the end of the first half? where they ran a double reverse and the guy tossed it behind his back to Mangum and then he threw it as he was getting tackled?

That was about as crazy as it has ever been in the last 5 years… and it was totally called at the wrong time.

In order for that play to work, you actually have to call something similar to it (a sweep or two) a few times leading up to it. Nobody on Mizzou was fooled on that play.