Defensive Coaches

I’m starting to really wonder when the final members of the coaching staff will be announced. If I’m looking at this correctly openings exist for two coaches and the S&C head and an assistant.

I thought we would have heard something already since the bowl games are over for some of the teams that have coaches with BYU/LDS/Hill/Sitake ties (Utah St., Boise St., Weber St.). This morning Jake Hatch mentioned that two coaches–including one with strong BYU ties–should be named really soon. So I’ve been pondering:

Ken N - Ex-Navy coach but I don’t know how experienced he is with defenses
Jason Kaufusi - Dline coach at Arizona
Shaun Nua - Dline coach at USC
Justin Ena - Dline coach at SDSU (former linebacker coach at Utah when Sitake and Hill were there)
and this guy who retired from coaching a year ago was a player at the U when Sitake and Hill coached there…

Holy Mackeral,the rumors are right. Po’uha will be coaching defensive tackles. Great hire.

He was recently called as a stake president, btw.

Here’s the official announcement:

Now if the rumors could come true about the 5-star recruit (Splat Onomatopoeia) flipping to BYU becomes reality!

Just looking at that “recruits” name makes me
Laugh!! Merry Christmas Floyd!

Thank Thawk, Hope you have a great Christmas with your family.

I personally don’t like Christmas, too much baggage and bad memories growing up.

But I do love watching my grandkids eyes light up when they are opening presents. Especially my youngest granddaughter (2 yrs. old). She is finally learning that it is as fun to open the present as to get the present! LOL

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So, did you have Bad Santa visit you? Let Jesus Christ wipe away all that from your past. He can do this, you know. President Kimball wrote a great book you should read. “The Miracle of Forgiveness.” This will change your life…Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! It will be a great BYU New Year! Go Cougars!

Unless you know me personally and the things I went through, please refrain from pontificating your opinion of what will “help me”. Thanks.

What I posted helps everyone…Your welcome…

If I may, Hopper, I felt your “Bad Santa” post was very patronizing but wanted to see how Floyd would respond before adding my opinion.

You have a habit of spouting off inane comments when discretion and empathy might be the better approach. The annoying habit is multiplied with the inevitable “What me? I didn’t do anything wrong” response. I love most of your comments, but the silly negatives (calling Chris a racist or telling Floyd to read The Miracle of Forgiveness, for example) need to stop.

I thank Floyd for writing, “I personally don’t like Christmas, too much baggage and bad memories growing up.” I, and probably a few others on this board, can identify with Floyd’s sentiment. Floyd also gave a very measured response when asking that you “refrain from pontificating.” The more mature answer to Floyd’s request would have been to say, “I’m sorry.”


Okay, I’m sorry to suggest that we listen and learn from the Lord and His servants, the Prophets. My bad…

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Classic Hopper. Predictably doubles down on insulting / demeaning comments. Well, he did say he has a New Years resolution to be better. So guess he’s hitting his old ways hard until this Sunday. Hope you do change Hopper.
Hopefully that includes not referencing prophets and Christ to justify rude, offensive shots at people.
Just makes you look worse.

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Let me be VERY CLEAR here, I never said or inclined that my issue with Christmas had anything to do with forgiving other people who made Christmas hard for me. I have long forgiven them for their part in my feeling, but that still does not change the way I feel about the holiday.

What bothers me is the hypocrisy of “some” people. They act all so loving and caring about other people or family members during the Christmas time. But what about the other 364 days of the year? They treat these people like “Crap” or are abusive towards them. I see it in my own family, as well as several other families that I know.

I treat people the same, all year long, never changes. I am not perfect, but I try to do the best I can treating people the way that they deserve while dealing with my own personal demons.

I celebrate the birth of the Savior; I do not care about presents or treats or anything about Christmas as currently being served up. I go to the temple so I can find peace and calm in an ever-commercial enterprise called Christmas. I give presents to my grandkids and kids because I love them, I treat them with respect and kindness all year long and often go out of my way to help them out when they are struggling.

I don’t need to forgive anyone because I am past that point of concern. But you are being you, decided what my issue was without even knowing me and how I should fix it.

There is a term for that.

Thanks, Stan, for the support.

Thanks for saying what you posted. It helps.

As expected Justin Ena is leaving San Diego St. to coach at BYU. Welcome home.
(Sitake announces hiring of former BYU linebacker and veteran defensive coach Justin Ena |

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Ena coached under Hill at Weber State.

I like (with little knowledge about the individuals - relying on posts here) all the coaching moves. Just wish that Sitaki pulled the plug on buddy’s 3-8 after a couple of games. Might have won, 3, maybe even 4 more games. Oh well, doesn’t matter now, am already excited about next year.


So, if I read the article right:
Pou’ha will coach defensive tackles
Poppinga is special team coordinator and coach defensive ends
Ena will coach Linebackers
Gilford will coach Defensive backs (Corner Backs)
Hill will coach the safeties

I think our defense is going to be interesting next year.

Ok guys, I thought that it would be good to take a quick break after the new year and look at next season with BYU football playing league games in the Big 12! While that is exciting the results probably won’t be.

If history holds, Cougar fans’ happiness will be put on hold when joining the new conference.

Missouri is currently 38-44 in league play since joining the SEC. Arkansas is 43-41. Texas A&M is 48-42. Until this season, TCU was 39-34 against Big 12 football opponents. The first seven seasons in the Pac 12, Utah was 42-41. Remember, those are not scores but actual won/loss records. I am still rooting for TCU in the CFP Championship!

It could be worse. Nebraska is 36-52 in conference action since accepting the football invite to the Big 10.

New coaches, new money and new players all instill optimism. But for the next several years, the best remedy for me and the historically unavoidable Big 12 football losses will be patiently awaiting the recruiting to match the competition. Having Kyle Witt come to Provo might help or seeing him retire would also help!

Just kidding!?!? History never repeats itself, right? Forget those early losses every other new conference team has experienced. BYU will be different, right? They have new money, new coaches, a new quarterback and rich NIL expectations. What could go wrong?

Just an example of what could go wrong early in BYU’s Big 12 opening debut.


Baylor was a mediocre Big 12 team this year. Their loss to BYU in Provo this past season was a coin toss win for BYU. Baylor was a lower tier Big 12 team this past season.


Remember East Carolina in Provo? Houston Beat ECU 42-3.

My advice? Don’t give up on the Cougars in Big 12 football. Just be very very patient!