Defensive Coordinator Candidates?

As I read the following tweet from Scott Garrard this morning, I wished that BYU’s defense was similar:

“Crazy impressive stat on USU Defense: USU has committed 22 turnovers this year and has given up just 32 points off of those to’s. However, 14 of those 32 points have come off of pick six’s - so the Aggie defense has only give up 18 points. All field goals. No touchdowns.”

If Kalani decides that team is more important than friendship, I hope he finds the best DC available. USU’s defensive coordinator Ephraim Banda seems to have built a solid defense in nearby Logan.

Another possibility is BSU DC Frank Maile who used to work in Logan. BSU’s defense is presently ranked 4th in the nation. USU is 91st and BYU is 99th (at least we’re now in the top 100).

Biggest need of the program. great post!

With Sitake clearly calling the plays, sure does feel like Tuiaki Was Not the only drop back 8 advocate. he may of learned the scheme from Sitake himself. Remedy??? Get one of these gurus and leave all of the calls to a DC who knows how to mix it up. Was not happy to see the same ol same ol in the Dixie St game. So boring, won’t watch it.