Denver at BYU Preview

Denver has only played one opponent I can rate–#13 ranked CSU. CSU won by 10 at home. Denver put up a legitimate fight.

Denver has one good big guy: 6’9" Finnish guy Tainano who averages 18 and 8; he has gone for 31 twice this year. Looks like a solid player with a decent outside shot. Tainano is a junior in his 3rd year in the program.

Their star is Tommy Bruner, who is a 5th year senior in his 3rd year in the program. He currently averages 24ppg. He shoots A LOT (18 apg), shoots A LOT of 3s (6.7/game), and nails them (46%). He can fill it up but it took him 22 shots to score 28 vs CSU. He shoots a lot of FT (7.6pg) and is close to 90% from the line. His FT attempt are likely because he’s a gunner and the ball is in his hands a lot. Bruner is a good player, and has the green light.

The rest of the roster is pretty meh. They have a 7 footer Carr but he’s not much of an impact player (5.9/5.5 in 18mpg).

Denver should be no match for BYU’s switching perimeter D and depth. Of course I didn’t think we would make the Utah offense look like the Harlem Globetrotters doing layup drills in the first half…

It doesn’t look like Denver plays much if any defense. Should be a fun game to watch. BYU 90-72.

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Hopefully BYU gets back on track and puts them away early.

I could not get the game I was out of town but my assessment

Waterman had a monster game with 14 rebounds. Those are crazy numbers for this guy who is not a natural inside guy that is just crazy numbers. I wish I could put my gray matter in his head for just a minute turn him into an NBA player. When you’re hot and cold like this with sub competition versus really good competition, you know that mentally he’s just not there c’est la vie

I noticed that Denver played pretty much six guys the whole game without even looking I can tell you they’re mostly upperclassman. They take Colorado state on a ride at home but there’s no way they were going to be Byu at the Marriott.

We have got to get our free throw numbers up 10 of 18 is not going to cut it.

42 to 32 rebounds it just amazes me how good we are rebounding with the size of the team we play with

If you take Robinson’s threes out, he was 50% on the night, everyone else shot Pathetically.

If it is true that Adams can play immediately, we’ve got to get him up to speed before conference, he will change the chemistry game, but there’s certain guys you can put him in with, and he will work without a challenge, namely, Saunders and Johnson you still text me off these guys at At The NCAA this long to allow Adams to play what a joke

Can we all just pause for a moment and recognize my prediction for the score? :slight_smile: Only a garbage time dunk by a Denver sub ruined my perfect prediction!!!


It is hereby recognized. You’re a rock star! That is my Christmas gift to you.

Haha thanks! Might have been you posting that BYU’s D got pretty ragged in the second half, especially late, since the game was a blowout. My 25 year old BYU grad daughter and I were watching together and I kept telling her that I wanted Denver to keep scoring to make my prediction come true. Yes she was laughing at me for that…

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Waterman is a great athlete. NBA size and athleticism…game changer in B12 if he just can click on and stay clicked on.
SJ has shot poorly from 3 all year…odd since he was so good last year. I bet he picks it up.
Can somebody give me an AMEN for what SJ and Robinson did to ERASE Bruner last night???
Denver is not a terrible team, but we made them look like a terrible team.
I cringe watching Knell play. I give him credit for hustling on D boards, but ugh please Marcus and Dawson take all Knell’s minutes.

When he shoots, his feet are never under him. He jumps forward. Does he do this in practice? They say he makes everything in practice. He must have his feet under him. It’s an easy fix.
I don’t know what Johnson’s problem is. He isn’t shooting with confidence. He shoots like he knows he’s going to miss. We really need him to step up his outside shooting.

I had tickets to that game; my granddaughter school choir sang the National Anthem.

Unfortunately, I came down with a bad case of Food poisoning and missed both the singing and the game. So my wife took my other granddaughter to the game, and they had a blast (“Grandma time”)