Detmer as the new OC, How effective will he be?

Here’s a juicy article talking Xs and Os, but I think Detmer will be effective way beyond it. Read past the 1st page, which is some stupid star wars mumbo jumbo to get to the meat.

to say Detmer will teach QBs to dissect defenses is the understatement of the year. Kurt Warner, a super bowl MVP, still takes notes when Detmer talks at elite camps. And there is so much more…

Sitake and Detmer will make beating Utah a #1 goal, something Bronco could never do. BTW, Bronco raiding our coaching staff was a blessing, end of that subject.

Imagine having Detmer, the Heisman, coming to your house to recruit. Nuff said.

Detmer will be deploying an offense that is tried and true to up to date NFL standards, not some glammer, trendy offense like Oregon or Arizona.

He will build athletes not, not tear them down. Beloved by everyone he meets. CAN’T WAIT.