Dick Harmon: Proof at Missouri: Cougars fail to execute in November - 15 Nov

Link: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865641578/Proof-at-Missouri-Cougars-fail-to-execute-in-November.html

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The picture says it all in the ■■■■ Harmon article, see the ripping face mask violation by the Mo. defender on Mitch Mathews, and the subsequent non-call by the Big 12 (10) officials.That non-call cost BYU a lot, maybe even the ball game. Of course BYU didn’t play well enough to win,with the numerous third penalties and give aways by the BYU defense to Mizzou, the worst being Tautu’s targeting against the Mo. QB. Stupid is is stupid does. BYU is still a G5 team on the outside looking in to the P-f conferences. Going 1 and 3 against the Big boys didn’t help our cause for P-5 inclusion. BYU’s lack of depth against teams like Mo. and Michigan does not make a good case for a BYU inclusion into the P-5 level. I guess the best we can do is keep playing P-5 teams and keep getting beat because of our G5 lack of depth. I guess the BYU football team might hope for P-5 inclusion after years of going 1 and 3 against much more depth than we now have.