Did any of you go to the scrimmage and would you like to report?

Are any future practices scheduled to be open to the public?

I know a couple this week is closed… but not sure …

One thing from the scrimmage I learned yesterday… Apparently they have an issue of “depth” on the Offensive line…

My friend’s son who play one the line was put in at center Saturday… He was told by the coaches that he needed to be prepared to play any position on the line.

I think if this kid has any chance of going to the next level… this will help him, but man he may not survive to get there…

People forget how under Lavell the strength of the program was the o-line along with the D line. That is the biggest recruiting gap we have seen in the last 10 years under Bronco, lack of controlling the line of scrimmage. It made our QBs great, and it can make a future QB great should we ever get back to our roots.

Did your buddy comment on why the depth is such a problem right now? I have a feeling we may have trouble the first few games on the line.

Some have injuries, while others transferred or Graduated and then there are Freshman and well you know how that can be a problem or a solution…

I think they have eight right now in the normal rotation.

I agree with you about the strength of Lavell’s teams was the lineman… If you go back to the QB factory days, you will see that more lineman (both Defense and Offense) was drafted by the NFL than we ever had QB’s… a good majority of them were starters and some of them like Bart Oates ended up as best of their group…

It’s the single greatest recruiting and talent development blunder in Broncos tenure. The entire reason BYU is BYU is due to the offensive and defensive lines over the years. Crowton got splashy with skill players, and Bronco followed Crowton recruiting style of Lavell. Huge mistake, and this season more than ever we need to maintain the LOS and I’m not sure yet if we are up to the task. I hope I’m wrong, as the position coaching is in place, not sure if the talent is there yet.

While the O-line was definitely struggling, the secondary seemed to be much improved compared to last year (though that isn’t hard to do). With how much experience and depth the wide receivers have, they seemed to be covered pretty well.

I also felt that Taysom did a better job looking for receivers instead of just running. Most of the time it was just a 5-10 yard throw (because that is who was open, see above observation), but he seemed to be passing more.

I am very curious how much of the O-line struggles and the success of the D-line and the linebackers was connected. There is a need for improvement by the O-ling, but I do wonder how much of the problems were caused because the defense was just playing really well.

People also forget that the BYU Program under Lavell was the beginning of the passing era and defenses were not as developed as they are in the current era. It was a lot easier for the old BYU Offensive Lines to block defensive schemes back in the 70’s and 80’s than it was in the 90’s and now. I’m not saying that the point isn’t a good one … but just adding this oft-overlooked variable. The game is completely different now than in Lavell’s time. Can we do better … absolutely … and should we be better (at the O-Line position)? Absolutely Agreed!

That is true… but it would be nice if we could get a OC in that has vision in what the next best thing is… Much Like the OC under Lavel did…

Norm Chow might be looking for a job soon.

Vision is a multiple layered ability. Anae is Far sighted but can’t see anything UP Close.

I actually believe that Anae has vision of next best things … Go Fast, Go Hard (messing with defensive ability to match 4 down play tendencies), Player Skills Recognition (last years Run heavy to Pass heavy after Taysom goes down, etc.). I think he’s been quite good in this area.

I don’t believe, however, that he has proven himself to have game-time vision where he can feel/see the evolution of the game … and make the right calls in critical situations. I believe that he falls back to core/fundamental play calls way to often. His tendencies are way to predictable (easily defensible) unless you’re the Texas Defensive Coordinator (unfortunately).

If we had someone who could ‘CALL’ the game plan without all of us armchair quarterbacks predicting with greater than 60% accuracy the offensive plays from the comfort of our home/stadium seat (just as they’re about to happen) … then I would be satisfied that we had something.

I also agree that the OC’s under Lavell … were constantly evolving the offensive schemes. They were true gurus of the game!