Did anyone get to hear the Tom Holmoe comments?

Apparently Tom Holmoe did his semi-annual report about BYU sports to reporters.

In the comments he talked about the new ESPN extension of the contract (goes out to 2026).
He talked about getting some new bowls contracts (Shreveport, LA is one destination), but that it all depends on certain things lining up (conferences signing with other sports networks,etc).

He mentioned that ESPN was starting up some new bowls that they wanted BYU to anchor. Much like what BYU did for the Holiday and Vegas Bowls in the beginning.

During the one on one time - David James talked to Tom Holmoe about recruiting and how being independent and that PAC-12 teams are now coming into Utah and recruiting the best talent (often luring them to those schools).David also asked about the affects of the higher academic standards BYU has been using and how that affects recruiting as well.

Here is what I found interesting in Tom Reponse:
"Recruiting for BYU has become more difficult because schools outside of Utah have now come into Utah to recruit the talented players within our states. Sports teams gets some exceptions to the academic standards, but they have to be careful how they use those exceptions. Not only do the players need to be able to help the team win, but they must also be able to meet the academic standards as well. If a player that can help the team win games, but can not live up to the academic standards, we have to pass on them because it would be unfair to the team and more importantly to that player to put him or her in a position to fail academically.

Anyways, that is the jist of what he said…
Here is a link to the topic, hopefully you can listen for yourselves.


Same ol challenges. BYU is TOUGH to get into. The pickins are few.

I just thought it was interesting about the untended consequences of elevating BYU academic standards.

Not sure being in a P5 conference will change that.