Did Pope go after this guy?

I am watching USC vs Oregon right now and this guy came up as being a transfer from UVU. He has been a big part of USC’s success in the tournament. The only thing wrong is that he wasn’t Mr. Basketball from Timpview HS. :grin: Dude has 20 points midway through the second half.

White will transfer from Utah Valley after spending two seasons in Orem. He was the Wolverines leading scorer and rebounder averaging 14.5 points and 8.4 rebounds after missing a month of action early in the season. White scored 8.5 points with 4.4 rebounds as a redshirt sophomore in 2018-19. The Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. native and former all-league player at La Verne (Calif.) Damien transferred to Utah Valley after two years at Salt Lake Community College. He scored 12.8 points as a freshman at SLCC before sitting out a year.

Report: Isaiah White is fourth USC hoops commit in four days (247sports.com)

BYU lost to five teams this year.
USC, UCLA and Gonzaga all make the elite eight…

Pepperdine was one of only three teams to finish the season without a tournament loss. Not sure that came out well…they won the CBI.

An we got the short guy… BA did well but why didn’t we get this dude?

Maybe White was sick to death of Utah. And we are very well versed now on how terrible and awful and bush-league Utah BB players are - so can we move on to something else?

That isn’t exactly what I am saying arkie… I was only trying to point out what I perceive as an ongoing issue with the program. I posed the question of whether Pope could change the culture, that is all. This particular player is one that played right up the street from the BYU campus and I thought perhaps Pope had known about him as Averette also played at UVU. Seems as though Utah whiffed as well.

I felt like it was a legitimate question and topic, not meant to offend anyone but seems to have had that effect. What Harold said is interesting… so many of the teams that BYU lost to this season are having incredible success currently. I believe that is a testament to the quality program that Pope is building.

Pope has changed the culture at BYU. Harrms and Lohner are examples. He is a year away, possible 2 from big runs in the NCAA.
I have a feeling that Barcello will come back for one more year. No reason, just a gut feel. Pope is only lacking a big time Point to be a final 8 team and he knows it.

JCoug, it was not just one post that I was reacting too. Pope to me, seems to be a very good coach and has the vision and energy to move the program forward. I think he will try to build more athleticism into the program. BUT TIME WILL TELL.

As I recall, several transfers last summer had BYU on their short list. I believe the player who eventually signed with USC was one of those. However he quickly signed with USC. I don’t think the Cougars or Pope had a chance.