Did USD really just rout us?


  1. USD lost to Samford, UCLA, USC by over 20, and has several other double digit losses.
  2. I just saw BYU get ROUTED by USD.
  3. In the last 3 minutes we gave up a 13-0 run. That is a feat that can only be accomplished with a combination of bad defense, bad offense, and ZERO composure.
  4. We just got blown out by USD. I think I already wrote that but my fingers couldn’t believe my brain told them to do it, and asked to do it again just to make sure it wasn’t a sick joke.
  5. USD’s bigs, who average a total of 22 per game, outscored our bigs 48-22. Our bigs were DESTROYED.
  6. Emery’s D might have been the worst I’ve ever seen by a guard. Not kidding here. Our defensive “stopper” just got tagged for 28.
  7. Credit Davin Guinn–he largely shut down Carter when he was in the game. Carter made Emery look like a 3rd grader.
  8. I was so encouraged by our team going into the season, but our perimeter defense is just too abysmal to even watch. This team is Dave Rose’s biggest underachievement–by FAR.
  9. Mika is a warrior. The rest of the team played just plain soft. USD only missed 29 shots, and Mika had 15 rebounds. Our next highest was PG LJ with 4. That was one of the most piss poor efforts I’ve ever seen from a BYU team.
  10. I was wrong. Just wanted to make sure you knew how I feel. I love BYU but this team has done me way wrong.

We weren’t blown out. We were fouling to catch up and then we chucked up rushed shots. It was a 5 point game either way. They got up we got up by 5.
You didn’t mention Haws who had a good offensive game. His shooting kept us in the game and helped take a lead in the second half.
Yes, Guinn shut him down but didn’t score much either. Mika wasn’t able to deal with the double team because he waits too long to aggressively make a move.
For a few plays, when they doubled Mika players cut to the basket for layups in which Shaw bricked a wide open layup. Next time he dunked it.
I watched some of GU and SMU and my question is SM had no problem passing around our defense moving the ball with ease. But GU shut that down with ease. Why are we not able to? Because SD did it to us again too.
They did shoot out of their minds from 3 against us. They made difficult shots too. Well, we have to just win the WCC tournament:-)

Did I actually see a Zone defense out there for the 3rd time this year…very late in a game…Haws is still asking, “which way did he go”.

Coaches from the other team be saying, “here comes the desperation Zone, game over”.

On Offense, SDU doubled Mika the entire night…read the scouting report. If SDU doubles Mika and BYU hucks up clunkers, they could make a game of it. This is not the last time BYU will lose on the road this season to a lousy team, we are just plain putrid on defense.

A fair amount of credit needs to go to SDU, they did shoot 57% from 3 even if we gave them wide open looks.

I have two points to consider in response to your list of observations.

  1. Yes, Emery was bad on defense but don’t forget he didn’t play many minutes in the first half nor the game and USD’s big scorer did. So Emery wasn’t guarding him the entire game of 28 points. I saw Haws “try” to play defense against him and he didn’t do much of anything either.

  2. Yes, Mika is a warrior but after watching him get burned a couple of times I decided to focus on his defensive effort several times in succession and I was not impressed. He may have had 15 rebounds but his effort was not there defensively. He did the flying ninja thing several times trying to block shots (is it to make an espn highlight or something?) and he was lazy and slow in his rotations and getting back into the play once he got beat. I didn’t see much effort so maybe he was tired?

Also, I hate the way the wcc did the scheduling this season and have mentioned it several times. this traveling between thursday and saturday games at home and then away is dumb. Playing the same teams twice before you have played other teams once in league play is stupid. I know BYU will have played at least 3 wcc teams twice before they play Gonzaga or Portland for the first time this season. I understand that there can be occasions where scheduling is adjusted to fit something but it seems intentional by the wcc this season and I think it is a mistake.

Lastly, I’m beginning to wonder if Rose has told the players “if you are hitting your shots and get hot, you don’t have to play defense and you also don’t have to take smart shots within the flow of the offense, you can just chuck it up from wherever” because that seems to be what happens. Emery was hot early and abandoned his D but got into foul trouble? which I guess is 2 fouls in the first half. Then Haws heated up too but he had already abandoned his D. It was just bad all the way around…

Even when they didn’t have open looks they made shots. I’ve never cared much for the offense we run. Ball moves too slow. We should be able get the ball in the lane more with guards making 8 footers.

I never like it when the announcers say “that shot was a heat check.” It’s like saying, “You made a few shots so you have the right to now take a selfish or stupid shot.” Not OK.

And that stupid shot GOES IN!!! Forcing something that has a 10% chance going in is wrong to take it in any situation. I didn’t see that when Haws got hot. Someone gets hot he should keep shooting.

I would have thought that Emery had matured beyond what we saw Sat… He was leaping at everything and just out of sorts. That lead to Emery trying to do too much.

With even 3 minutes to go in the game, the win was in sight but these guys got too anxious and rushed things taking poor shots. They just got to grow up.

I am in total agreement with you on the heat check stmt… In other words 'you are taking a really poor shot but since you have been good on your last couple of shots, we will let you off the hook for a dumb decision…, but not really!"