Did you go to your caucus?

Yea, I did and I totally missed the game. There are a couple of things that really make me mad. In Utah to vote republican you have to be a registered republican to vote in the caucus. I am a war Veteran. “We are the warrior, we pay the price of freedom, freedom is our gift to you. Freedom cannot be bought, nor can it be sold, freedom can only be given by those who have paid its price”. Your freedom did not come from a teacher, or reporter, or a cop, or a politician. It came from us. Those whose lives have been on the line and paid that price. What makes me mad is any party that has the gaul to tell me that if I am not registered in their private party that I can not vote. Really! Where do you think your freedom came from, you did not earn it. Rant is now over.
So I go and they do the party platform and ask for donations. Then they select deligates for country and state conventions. Why is it that the same people always go. There was no discussion about policy or things to do or problems to solve. Or what we the people would like to see. You could ask the people being voted on to be the delegates some questions, but that was it. The way I saw it was the political good ole buy system was alive and well. There was no discussion or anything to convey what the people wanted.
There are two kinds of people that lead. Leaders and politicians. Leaders diagnose the problem and come up with a solution. Politicians talk about symptoms, and never solve anything. The President of the U.S. wears two hats. As president his number one responsibility is to protect and country and the people. Do you know what his number one responsibility as Chief Executive Officer is? It is to help the people to become. To help them through policies to reach their potential. It you don’t do that you fail as a leader, That is why our country is in such dire straights right now, we have very little leadership and nothing is getting solved.
Let me throw out a subject as an example. There is a lot of discussion about building a wall on the border. There are lots of reasons to do so. We have millions of people who have crossed the border illegally. Al-quada crossed the Arizona border in Sept / Oct 2008 with enough explosives and weapons to blow up an army depot. Many people are having a real tizzy about this discussion of building a wall… Would you vote for Moroni as President, he build walls around his cities and really restricted who could enter. Don’t read anything into that, because I was just throwing something out. Notice how our politicians are only talking about symptoms and throwing accusations at each other. Have you heard one person identify the problem. Do you know what the problem is? The problem is Mexico is a third world country. That wall is not going to solve the problem. It may slow it down a little, but that is it. The only solution is for Mexico to become an industrialized nation like the U.S. and Canada. The thing that is so ironic is that the mexicans hate Trump as do many others against the wall and have no idea that Trump might be one of only a couple of people who could help Mexico become an industrialized nation. So how do you solve it? Mexicans build the wall. We do an excise tax and collect from Mexico about 10 billion dollars then we give it back to them in a series of grants so they can make purchases for capital expenditure large construction equipment like catepilar, etc. Mexicans are hired and they build the wall on their side of the border and we inspect it. Jobs by the thousands and great experience is provided for thousands of Mexican Citizens. They need highway sustems, rail expansion. deep water ports for trade, engineering schools, medical schools, dams for electrical power, things that will become world renound. They need the capability and the capacity to accomplish and for their people to become. Right now their lives are tedious, nothing to look forward to, nothing to dream about, no future. The problem can be fixed. We need leaders with vision.
As I considered who to cast my vote for, I must admit it struggled a little some of the things Trump says really resonate. Cruz is constitution. Every time I thought about Trump, I got really nervous. I cast my vote for Cruz. If Trump is nominated it will all depend on who he is surrounded by as to his success. He is authoritarian and very secular. He does not know that the president is only a care taker. He will be just like Obama, he will rule by his pen and cell phone and hold grudges to the max. He is very detail oriented but he does not love people. It is about him. He is a frat boy. Clinton had plenty of scumball problems but I am convinced he cared about the people. Obama doesn’t care about people and Hillary thinks she should be Queen and annointed and lies and can’t be trusted. Bernie is just a Socialist and is doomed to failure as all socialists are and have been for ever.
This country desperately needs leaders.

Congress already passed law to fund and build the wall. Obama just won’t do it.

Giving Mexico’s government money to develop jobs won’t solve the long term problem of industrialization. That can only come from the private sector. They are stealing companies from the U.S. They need to be able to develop their own businesses besides drugs and gangs.

Cruz is the best candidate left. But, people are so mad they want someone with a big mouth and big stick.

I was hoping you would respond. You are right. It has to be a private initiative, but them building the wall would / could give them a start with the equipment and some experience to say nothing of jobs. If I were king I would call Trump as a special economic ambasador to Mexico with the task of teaching them how to become. Unfortunately the idiots in charge in that poverty stricken and unprogressing country don’t care, know how, or like the poverty stricken population just the way it is, so they can remain in power with out any opposition. Wow, that almost sounds like Obama and the lost generation in America. Those between 18 and 35 who are living in mom and dads basement and working for McDonalds and can’t find full time work to pay off student loans, rent an appartment and have a life and insurance. Mexicans won’t do it on their own. They have no dreams or expectations except living with government help all of their misserable lives. How would you help them? Until something happens they are our problem also because they are streaming across the border with the promise of free everything from the economically illiterately thinking democrats looking for a voting block to keep them in power. The blacks will always be slaves because they want someone to make all of their decissions for them and give them intitlements. Notice how their economic situation has not improved in the last hundred years. They swore allegiance to the Democratic party. Obama has done nothing for them and just like you said, it has to come from privite initiative and their own hard work. There is a sliver of hope in the black community because some are feeling their way out of the abyss into the light of life and away from the taskmasters.
Again, I reiterate, how do you help them and educate them to a better way of life?

NOPE, went to Hawaii for son’s wedding.

I am a little frustrated with the GOP group in Utah, they are doing the exact same things that Ted Cruz accuses the democrats of doing in Washington.

I asked a friend that works for a conservative think tank here in SLC, “What is the difference between the parties” (with what the GOP did in the last legislative session), his comment surprises me… “NOTHING”.

he felt both parties have left the reservation.