Digging into the numbers

Wow…That changes things. So add Gavin baxter (SF) and Connor harding (SG) and kolby lee (all 4 stars)

PG: Haws, Hardnet, Cannon, Troy
SG: Eli, Connor harding, Maybe emery…
SF: Zac, Ry, Gavin Baxter
PF: Yo, Nix, Shaw, Possibly a talented russian
C: Dastrup, Luke, Andrus, Kolby Lee

18 guys maybe, 16 if subtracting Russian/emery. I’m betting Troy and share gone for sure. We might lose ry…, I’d rather lose Luke to be honest. but more likely we won’t get the russian or emery so just 2 guys out. Harding, Emery, Baxter, Ry, Russian, andrus, and lee are all unknowns to some degree. My guess is Rose’s lineup will be this:

Hardnet, haws, Eli, Zac, Yo (small) Hardnet, Haws, Eli, Yo, Nixon or luke …Please make it nix. (Big)

We could also have 2 very different gears in lineups: a solid switcher: Eli, Ry, Zac, Harding, Yo (6-5 to 6-8) with decent shooting or a monster lineup: Dastrup, Nixon, Yo, Zac, Eli (I enjoy him at the point sometimes). The best defensive lineup we could field could be pretty good: Hardnet (for small guards or TJ/Eli) Harding, Ry, Yo, Dastrup. Or go smaller with Nix. Tons of versatility.

@fish Have you heard any rumblings about potential transfers? Obviously we’ll lose somebody, I’m just hoping it’s kept to a minimum of Troy and shaw.

Also I’d love to know how our recruiting has done versus past years. I get the feeling like we rarely got a 4 star pre Jimmer and now all of a sudden we’re getting them but I also don’t have the historical records to really confirm that. Then again we haven’t done as well with the recruits we did get.

Rose’s hand is loaded for next year. We need this.

So what will the excuse for next year’s 3rd place finish be?

Who knows. Hopefully not injuries and hopefully we can retain all of this talent. We’re seriously loaded relative to past BYU teams. We’re finally in a position to get rid of the last few dead weight players in shaw and Troy. Our entire roster could be viable. And we would have DEPTH!!! With backups who could come in and replicate a lot of what their starter could do.

Haws and hardnet/cannon are solid
Eli then or Harding Zac maybe? Not sure
Zac or Ry then Baxter
Yo Then Nix or play nix at the 5
Dastrup then Nix Lee, andrus (Luke is the odd man out who can’t do what the others do but whatever. He’s a glue guy I guess

And then we might get Emery back?! And this Russian kid is really interesting to me.

So no. No excuses. If rose can’t do it next year with that lineup or the year after that even…then Rose is just a coach who’s great in the regular season and can’t win in the post season or maintain consistency. He can fix all of the problems he has. He doesn’t have to play hero ball, He can rest starters, The ball could finally move around consistently and no one could leave their man. Everything is there.

No excuses.

no speed. After watching SD’s wright blow by guys all night, BYU needs speed.

Kolby Lee is with the team and could be used if necessary. He is a big thick kid who does not excite me after looking at his HS highlights.

Whoa now…Let’s get some things clear here. Rose ALWAYS plays his VETERANS.
TJ Haws
Worhtington…are the starters.

Add Emery

Subtract the Russian, he is history from a BYU standards from what I hear.

Add Baxter, who I love, athletic but a year of mission rust as least.

Counting on Seljaas finding his shot.

Add Andrus, who I have always liked.

Add Connor Harding, great add but white kid and we need SPEED and Rose never plays rookies so we are back to this year’s rotation with Andrus, and Shaw by the way, added at Center.

I have 2019 looking like
Worthington/Andrus/Dastrup/Shaw…in the order of playing time behind the starters

And with SMC losing Landale to the NBA, and Few hopefully losing their point to the draft. BYU should be at least in a place to contend

I assume you are saying 2018-2019

According to Idaho Stateman - “Not a Smooth Shooter/Player.”

Who knows if Dave Rose will keep him or lose Dastrup or whatever.

whether he is data driven or not. in out of season interviews he more than once mentioned the cutting edge data providers for college basketball…he at least is aware the data is there.

I’m with you, but if I could switch with longer athletes, that would be useful. Could I beat St Mary’s at their own game?

I know, I know… I’m just pointing out potential. [quote=“fish, post:26, topic:7899”]
Connor Harding, great add but white kid and we need SPEED

He’s more athletic than you think. Threes, dunks and defense.

Reminds me of KC but with a shot.

How much he plays will depend on whether Rose likes him or not… his personality, not his ability or talent.

He should be really careful not to be too supportive of his teammates or cheer too much… that might get him in trouble.

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Yeah, I see potential. If he does turn into KC with a shot…man that’s high praise.

Honestly, I think we’re better at recruiting than we have been in past years. But that has to turn into something. We’ve got to develop.

Whatever Rose needs in terms of assistants or shooting coaches, I hope he gets it. [quote=“JimHawks, post:32, topic:7899, full:true”]
How much he plays will depend on whether Rose likes him or not… his personality, not his ability or talent.

He should be really careful not to be too supportive of his teammates or cheer too much… that might get him in trouble.

Man, I don’t get it. 9th man??? Really? It’s funny how many times I’ve had to think that. We just need to reduce this argument to an acronym to simplify this conversation every time we talk about this.

Yes, I know. I am growing weary of the situation but every time I see something like what happened in the USD game, it bugs me. PD was not the 9th man. I don’t even know if he was going to be the 10th because 9 guys got playing time and he wasn’t one of them. It is the stupidest thing I’ve seen recently in BYU basketball history.

Watch Rose put him in the game tonight and then yank him when he makes a mistake. So ridiculous…

I have an idea… we could call it the “PD and PT” situation.

So worried about the SMC game. Childs and fouls. I would bet that Rose keeps Yo away and uses up Worthington and Nixon on fouls with Landale.

How come everyone else has figured out Landale but BYU?

I think Rose got burned by their shooters a few years ago and that’s what he’s been attacking. But still…Landale is the CPOY come on. Worthington is a good team defender and he understands positioning but his on ball big defense is poor, especially against any talent. Nixon is overmatched too. Unless he can hit 6 threes and force Bennet to play him differently.

PD PT all day.