Does anyone else feels

That Obama’s stance on radical Islam is like the story of the frog and the scorpion?

You know where the scorpion talks the frog into taking him across the river and promises him he won’t sting him. When they reach the other side the scorpion stings the frog.

The frog asked “why did you do that? you promised you would not sting me”, Where the scorpion says “I am who I am, and you knew I was a scorpion”

I feel Obama is treating ISIS the same way, thinking they will be nice and do things if we “shower them with love”, in the end they will kill us because that is who they are.

Nope, I think he has said many times that evil people doing evil things. I don’t think his advisors or our top military minds know how to fight this. Pretty hard to fight a war vs a group instead of a country. You would have to send troops in almost all parts of the Middle East along with nearly every other country on the planet.

To simplify this as saying the president doesn’t understand who these people are makes for a decent primary lesson analogy, but unfortunatly this is more than we have ever had to deal with and I don’t blame our government for tying to figure out the best way to handle this instead of simply bombing them all and killing millions to stop the few.

I disagree KC, I think you are giving Obama a pass here.

I know the Top Military people know how to combat this, but Obama and his inner circle refuses to listen and instead gives us this garbage about we should love them more.

I heard today a Top Military analyst that we do know how to defeat them, the problem is Obama and the left does not want to do what it takes to do it.

This group is no different than the Mafia of the 40’s and 50’s, or PLO or any other Terrorist group. Just because it is a group of people and not a country, does not mean we can not beat their asses into the ground.

I dissagree, they are different than those and I don’t know of a single credible top military official who says they know how to end this. I pray to God we figure it out.

That is an interesting question. Part of me says yes and part of me says no. This enemy is a different beast and I am not 100% sure how I feel about one action or another. There is the thought to put boots on the ground and completely wipe out the territorial gains that they currently have, or aid those countries that are directly affected by the conflict. I read this article two days ago which is very interesting, scary and makes it hard to know what the end game should be. It is a long article, but very in depth. It definitely made it harder for me to side one way or the other.

I’m curious to get your thoughts.

I got my information who people who were working military intelligence during the IRAQ war. they did not give me specifics, but they told me that the Military knows how to stop them.

Believe what you want KC, but we know how to defeat these guys, but Obama does want to do what it takes.

The people I know say the opposite. They admit our military doesn’t know for sure, they have theories, but none have been proven as we have yet to face this type of situation in our history. It’s not just one region, nor one continent, nor one race or nationality or religion. There are layers to this you can’t imagine and for every area ground troops go in, 5 more new areas pop up. They have told me they estimate we only know about roughly half of those involved, and even then we don’t know enough about the half to send enough troops in to stop just those. But again, I pray to God hoping we will someday.