Does CougarFan not think being in the NCAA tournament is not important for the women's basketball team?

I will re-ask the question. Does CougarFan not think it is important that the women’s basketball team is in the NCAA tournament? Come on, give us some information! Sometimes I have to wait for days to find out how this basketball team did in a game.

I inadvertently have double negatives in my post title. Sorry.

Don’t worry about the double negatives. Gavenman does the triple and quadruple negative thing all the time because he is always wrong. :grinning:

I’m not a real big women’s basketball fan but I have watched a few of their games and enjoyed it. They have some good players and shooters and when compared with the men, they play way better team basketball. They have a good coach who seems to know how to get them on the same page and play unselfishly.

Cougarfan should have more stuff on the women’s team.

I don’t watch at all during regular season but do read a little how they did. I have watch the final of wcc Tourney. I have watched and followed many times when they played in the ncaa. They play this Saturday on espn2 at 5:30 CDT (4:30 MT). They played pretty well and thanks for Coach Juddy.

Wait, there is a women’s tournament???

Clueless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Melvin, you are right on, sports are a stacked deck towards men’s events.

Our girls are still playing good basketball in February, 2019, better than the BYU men’s team.

And you think Dave Rose and Men’s BB team should learn something from Juddie team? Good for Lady Cougars Team beating the Zags again.