Dominating win against San Francisco!

Rudy got the nod to start tonight and was a stud. Seven assists and 21 points and one turnover. The five starter scored 65 of 81 points. They also got more time in game. Two were above 30 minutes and one was at 29. Typically Pope gives more time to the backups. I’m glad Pope left the starters in longer as I think that was one reason why the team has struggled, the starters don’t get enough time to get into rhythm and enough reps through the season.

According to Greg Wrubel, BYU should be a 5th seed in the conference torney. They will play the winner of Portland and San diego. If they win that game they will face LMU. They are definitely on the easier side of the bracket for them.

It was a good win. BYU was locked in - very focused. I think they will at least win 2 games in the tourney - IF they play like this.

San Francisco the top 10, 3 pointer team in the country I guess? And they were pretty hot last week? Last night they were five of 25 “3 pointer “ and Shabazz had two or three air balls?
Did our BYU player defended better this time?
According to BYU radio broadcaster we should be five seed in the tournament? BYU, SF and Pacific all tied in 5th to 7th conference standing and I thought SF should be ahead of BYU, because overall regular season standing. But we will know later today.

5th seed. Next game is Friday at 7pm.

I gave up trying to figure out this team long ago. When you have performances like this, it makes you even more crazy.