Don't look now byu BYU just hit it's highest ranked recruiting class

2023 Transfer Football Team Rankings (

And it that is not great news, look what the pros. say about Slovis

Mandel & Feldman have it about right with Rising and Slovis. Neither has big time arm talent, but both are good QBs. Of the two, Rising is more mobile and has been more productive. Wilson has more actual arm talent than either. The irony for me is that both Slovis and Rising can make the short and intermediate throws routinely, something Wilson has been unable to do for the Jets, much to the puzzlement of his teammates and coaches. Defenses in the NFL are better, not because the schemes are more complicated, but because defenders are all elite. You don’t get deep matchups you can win very often. You have to complete the garden variety underneath throws to keep the chains moving. I don’t expect Rising (or Slovis) will be a high draft selection next year, but either would be more serviceable for a team than Wilson at this point.

85 more days when BYU play first football game enough said