Dr Hill and the PAC 12 Network

I guess not all AD’s at the PAC 12 schools are happy with the PAC 12 network. On Channel 2 last night DJ was interviewing Dr. Hill and asking about the PAC 12 network and financing with the schools for sports. Dr. Hill refused to answer the question if they were getting financially what they were advertized as getting for sports in the PAC 12. The jest I was getting, was the deal was kind of like whe MWC TV deal. Not quite like it was suppose to be. I guess the PAC 12 AD’s are going to seriously take a look at the problem and do some reconsidering. I guess the SEC and the BIG 10 are re-doing their TV contracts and the talk is they will be getting about 40 million per school. The PAC 12 is worried about not being able to compete financially and keep up with those two conferences. That certainly sounds like a familiar topic. College football and sports in general may be in more trouble than we think.