Driver needed to take car from UT to DC. Cheap Trip!

Cheap Trip to Washington DC!!! Drive my empty car from Utah to me in Vienna, VA (I will not be a passenger). Drive to be made sometime between now and begin of April.
I recently graduated from BYU and moved to the East Coast. When I moved I shipped all my stuff and flew to VA, but left my car in UT. Now I’m ready for my car, but I don’t want to fly back to get it.
I will cover the total cost of gas. Driver will choose and pay for his/her own lodging. The car is is a 4 door sedan (Chevy Malibu), in great condition. The car is empty, so you may bring boxes, luggage, or even additional passengers with you.
For more information please contact me at [email protected]

This is hilarious. You are looking for a free car moving service? You are not willing to pay for a return flight, meals, hotels? And people wonder why mormons are known as cheap.

I’ll bring you your car for a flat rate of $5k. I’ll take care of all gas and expenses along the way and return transportation.

My initial reaction was similar, but rereading it, I realize that he is looking for somebody that is also needing to move out that way. I also noted that he is a recent graduate, so he probably doesn’t have much money either. I would have suggested that he should have added an addition per diem fund to help cover the cost of having his car brought out for him.

Sounds more like he doesn’t want to pay to fly back and drive it out himself, as that would be airfare, hotel, food, and gas. And he doesn’t want to pay to have it transported by a company. So he would rather pay someone gas to drive it out, yet stick them with return airfare, hotel stays, and food.

Cheap mormon