Duke in full pursuit of Frank Jackson - 22 Apr

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Sorry to say this, Duke is doing another Rent-A-Player toward Frank Jackson. I hope he doesn’t go to Coach K at both Duke and u. When Jabari went to Duke, I didn’t bother to watch him at that school. Yeah, I am being like Roger Reid silly comment - Frank, you will disappoint 15 million Mormon fans. I only saw him one highlight on ksl which he is really talented player. Stay committed to Dave Rose.

If he is good enough to go pro after one year at any college, why shouldn’t he? I don’t get your issue with the one and done, it’s not a Duke only issue, it’s everywhere. Even BYU has had a one and done player before.

Yeah, Shawn Bradley Mission Impossible from the 76ers. It’s all his fault. I never follow him either. Any way, just hope that Frank make the right choice when he has one more year with LP.

Just hate it when those eight schools going after those kids who had BYU or other school on their mind. Chris Burges came so close till coach K snatched him (well Chris signed his letter to Duke).

We can’t worry about him for now.

Correction:Elite Schools. Not 8 school which was my smart phone auto correction.

Maybe it depends on how you define “Elite” schools. I was about to respond that not all elite schools have one and done players. I can’t remember Uconn having any. They may not be at the level of Kentucky or Duke year in and year out, but they have won more championships in recent years.

True that UConn is not one of the one and done program. Kentucky which I see it that way and now Duke which they have three freshman moving on to nba. Mike K need to move on either to nba or retire! I have (or we?) have no interest with nba and those two rent-a-player schools.

One guy I do like to see him play a lot in nba and that is Jimmer but they (coaches & selfish players) are wasting him away which make no sense. I won’t blame him if he move on to over sea.