E. Carolina Pirates

Did anyone watch their game with SMU today. I watched a little bit of it. They run 4 down DL and a very active line backer (51) I think. He is pretty good. SMU doesn’t have a very good team and they just terrorized that poor QB. He must have been sacked at least a dozen times. BYU has a much better OL but our QB could be rushed from time to time if the OL doesn’t come prepared to play. The DB’s for the Pirates did some of that grab and hold stuff at the line of schrimage quite a bit. They are no where near as good as Michigan. Better have a good scheme for our running game their DL are pretty good against the run. They did pass a little but most of their offense came with the run. Good RB, but I don’t think he is outstanding. One of their wideouts is pretty good. His dad played in the NFL. If BYU plays good position defense they should be able to pretty much shut them down. They might get 17 against BYU’s defense. They are definately better than Conneticut so BYU better be ready to play. I don’t think they will match up well against BYU’s receivers, too many weapons.

Well, if our receivers react the way we did against Michigan it may be another long day. We must be ready.
Not sure if EC is better than UCONN. UCONN did beat Missouri. We just have to be aggressive and not make turnovers and penalties killing drives.

They should do better than they did against Michigan. I don’t expect to see a game as pathetic as that again this season. And UConn actually lost the game to Missouri, 6-9.

Jeff thanks for your great analysis. Love it when people take time to scout and give us their opinion
I was hoping that uconn press our receivers and make us work harder East Carolina has concerned me although I haven’t had the chance to watch them yet but they do seem to be able to put tons of points on the scoreboard

I felt the BYU left 24 points on the floor when they used Andrea’s anemic play calls in the first half but for some inexplicable reason He got very aggressive towards the end of the game and completely blew Uconn out of the water Byu becomes extremely tough to defend when we pass on first play I see it as critical that we pass on the first down. That call on talkie talkie it was a joke

We have two quarterbacks the original starter injured his knee in fall camp.

James Summer has got some wheels very elusive strong runner.

SMU game …


VT game …


Blake Kemp was the starter not a runner but accurate passer not the strongest arm

SMU game …


VT game …


Defense …


Here’s to a good hard injury free game. Thanks for letting me post on the board.

thanks for taking the time to post and from what I see BYU will have their hands full