Elijah Bryant on Sports Nation Today

If you want to dump on Coach Rose, the WCC, Emery coming back, LP3 blah, blah, blah, you are all wrong. Watch the program. He’s a class act.

Classy because he doesn’t tell it like it is? Because he is trying to protect his teammates and his coach?

Coach Rose? yeah, he is a good guy who has faded as a coach.

The WCC? :laughing:

The LP3? :laughing: :laughing:

Sure, maybe Bryant is a class act but that has nothing to do with the other things you mentioned.

Why would you say a young man who went to the Lord and did so in the Temple to know what he should do after graduation lies? He showed no signs of lying when he said it. Class act.

Hopper, I’m with Hawks on this one. You just can’t believe anything an athlete publically says relating to decisions about the team they are leaving, their careers, futures, etc. And I don’t blame Eli or any other athlete for that.

Politics? Tom Holmoe plays this game all the time. That’s how he sells tickets.

When Golden State fired Mark Jackson a lot of the players said nice things. Then they hired Steve and he realized he needed to update his thinking and adopt a different strategy and then they won 2 championships…

Just because the players say nice things, that is not proof of concept.

There is no reason not to believe him. None. Old Chinese Proverb, “He who cannot trust cannot be trusted.” :popcorn:

Rose did adopt a new strategy and still ended up at the same place. Maybe it’s the players. Not their abilities but the mental part of the game at BYU. We’ve talked about this before.

He did and he needs to continue the search. This was supposed to be a down year and he did well with a first year of a new scheme. I’m all for seeing what new ideas he can come up with.

I am less familiar with defensive strategy. I wonder about the pack line defense as an option. It would increase variance because it forces contested threes and that might be good for us against the zags. Not to mention help us deal with their bigs… I’m not sure what the best system would be on defense but I think it’s a fascinating problem given the constraints.

I might see if I have some old games I could watch because we may have played some of this. It’s similar to a box and 1 zone. With Bryant we were quick enough to play this. Maybe not so next year. Will see who is on the team next year.

That would be interesting. Defense is always more of a mystery to me when it comes to matching scheme to personnel.

Obviously, BYU lacks top-level athletes and depth. So there is your constraint. We have some size and strength though. We do have some longer players.

On the other hand, there have been some things in the past that have bugged me about this team. Rebounding for one. Some of this just physical skill but a lot of it is fundamentals. A lot of the guys just flat out don’t do it. Discipline is necessary for any system to work. And if they can’t remember to box out…

I never said that Bryant “lied”. In fact, I don’t think he did. There is a huge difference between lying and telling it like it is.

I know most of the guys who post here will understand that. I am not counting on you being able to. It’s okay.

Time to move on to another topic.

Like who is the luckiest one because of our wives :grin: