Elon Musk buys Twitter

Here we go! Will Musk make Twitter now allow for opposing viewpoints from Trump and all Conservatives? How will this change the way the liberal media gets their stories and runs with their fake news? Will there now be hope for the mid-term elections to swing the country back from the ultra-left Democrat controls?

I hope he opens up the forum for a free exchange of ideas and does away with the selective censorship.

On the surface it sounds like good news. Musk has said all the right things concerning the value of free speech. I am much more in favor of loosely controlled exchanges on the internet as opposed to tightly moderated ones and ones that are moderated based on somebody’s political agenda.

I say when in doubt let the comments stand. Reasonably intelligent adults can make their own decisions about what may be disinformation. If somebody is uncomfortable in an internet conversation they can opt out of it. There will always be internet trolls. They don’t bother me. I am a big boy and I can either engage them or not.

If Musk will allow a balanced narrative that will be good. I don’t really know what his politics are and it doesn’t matter as long as he allows a balanced conversation. Generally progressive ideas can’t prevail if there is a balanced dialogue.

Musk is kind of like Trump when it comes to politics and business. Trump was a life long Democrat until recently. He has many liberal ideas as well. Musk is pretty much the same way. He is a capitalist who has liberal ideas in social issues. But, he simply sees a problem and fixes it. That’s what Trump did.

The first amendment was intended to apply to political speech. When certain types of political speech are censored then those who do so either don’t care about the first amendment or they don’t understand what it is.

Twitter is a private enterprise so they don’t have to abide by the first amendment but it is abhorrent to me that a social media company would selectively censor certain types of political speech especially when they are a forum used by politicians.