Embarrassed by Romney

Utah voters should be ashamed of their Senator Romney. What a buffoon! He votes against a conservative judge because he said in 2011 Obama wasn’t America enough. That was in fact very true as Obama went on an 8 year apology for America tour. Romney is a liberal wolf in sheepskins! He’s. It a Republican. Utard’s recall him!

As a Utahan, I have no problem with Romney decision, actually I find it refreshing that he will actually stand up for what he believes is correct.

Never liked it when the Democrats attacks Trump for everything and anything he does or says, the same was true for when Obama was President and the Republicans attacked him for anything he said or did.

That is what wrong with this country right now, too many people want to pick fights rather than talk and find common ground. Even President Nelson has mentioned this behavior in his conference talks.

For the record Scott, Romney represents the people of Utah, which by last count was a majority of independents (Not republican nor Democrats) people. The GOP here in Utah is pretty much on a self destruct path, because they allowed the extremist to take them over. Most Utahan are fiscal conservative while also understanding that there is a need for social programs to truly help the needy. That is why Utahan are one of the most charitable people in the country.

I love Mitt Romney and the job he is doing, for nothing more than it irritates the heck out of you! :rofl:

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What a load of nonsense! Romney punted his election to Obama when he had him pinned to the ground and the count to 2. He was wolf in sheepskin. A plant in the Republican Party much like McCain was so Obama could win and push his progressivism and anti-American theme that America has never been a great country getting better all the time. And, Romney is still doing it!

Wake up Utah! You will soon be like California falling off a cliff!!! A sespool of anti-God behavior. Utahans have pretty much discarded much of the the Family Proclamation and yielded to the LGTBWxyzabc crowd. Ya, go Romney!!! Right off the cliff!

I am not a big fan of Romney. Mike Lee is a great senator… Romney lived in Massachusetts too long. He was voted in by Utahns because he is a Republican and was a better alternative than the Democrat he ran against. Orin Hatch wasn’t exactly a rock ribbed conservative. He was pretty moderate and that is who Romney replaced. I suspect he is very similar to Hatch in his policies… Bennett was a moderate and that is why Mike Lee took him out in the primary a number of years ago.

See I am different, I dislike Lee with a passion, he is “too conservative” (think Tea Party) for me. He does not think before he speaks and some of things he has done makes me want to hurl. Romney was not voted in because he was GOP, he was voted in because of the work he did for the 2002 Olympics and saving a black eye for Utah after the scandal.

I also believe he was elected because he was more central than the other GOP candidates running. To me, that was what drew the independent crowd.

The reason he lost the Presidential election was two fold 1) the evangelical would not vote for him. If you look at the voting numbers, this group was way down 2) he would not play “politics” by using events of Benghazi and other issues against Obama. In the documentary that was made on his election, he said he did not want to win by playing dirty politics. That is why I admired him.

your right, the stuff you post is a load of nonsense… thanks for agreeing.

Wrong… Mike Lee did not take Bennett out, he was torpedo’d by a group of far right fanatics who organized and flooded the caucus meetings, shouting down anyone who would dare oppose them and make the meeting a mockery.

FYI, the reason Hatch survived his last election process was because he beat the Tea Party group at their own game, he organized his followers, flooded the caucus meetings and basically stopped the tea party in their tracks. They then complained about the tactics and Hatch simply said “How do you think Senator Bennett felt when you did it to him”… Shut them up completely.

Excellent points! Why did Romney win in the primaries? Wasn’t there a better conservative instead of this idiot?
He had a chance in that debate to put away Obama and didn’t. Makes me wonder why? Perhaps he didn’t want to be the white guy who beat the black godlike person? Whatever the reason, he’s no conservative.

What a sad excuse! Lee beat him because he was a true conservative. What’s been going on is with the influx of liberals to Utah, it’s becoming purple like Texas. People fighting to get out of California and other socialist state flock in and start the same things they are trying to get away fromby voting Democrat. People are insane when the do that expecting different results.

I was there Scott, I witnessed FIRST HAND what these idiots did during the caucus meetings. I was there when it was a hot topic news item of how these idiots (Tea Party) pulled this crap. I was there when Bennett lost in the convention to Mike Lee who the people of Utah disliked because of his ultra conservative views (Although now a days he is moving more to the center of the isle).

This happened before Utah changed the law (SB54 -which SCOTUS just agreed with using the conservative judges) of how a candidate can be on the ballot.

If that law was in place at the time of Bennett, I would almost guarantee you a steak dinner, Bennett would have been re-elected to office. The people saw through the crap the tea party members of the GOP did and they were not happy about it. Because unlike you Scott the people of Utah are moderates in their beliefs and believe in fair play. Bennett had high approval rating with the voters, it was the back room deals in the GOP that prevented him from running, not because the people did not want him.

It’s sad to see Utard being moderates. They are then moderate with liberty too.

Not unusual to see a clueless Caltard🤖