Endless articles in the media attacking pro-life advocates

I stumbled onto this hit piece reading the MSN homepage. The media if in a feeding frenzy over abortion since their beloved political party of choice doesn’t have any other issue to run on. Now Jim Harbaugh is their target. Good for Harbaugh, it takes some courage to voice that kind of an opinion as a highly visible employee of the university… I wonder if the University will make him apologize for his remarks.
Here is the link. MSN

We live in an era where everything is upside down. Most of the media is nothing but a purveyor of propaganda acting as attack dogs to go after any public figure who dares to go off the woke reservation. Woe unto those who call evil good and good evil.

I noted around 6 articles today advocating the pro-abortion position. All spouting the usual rhetoric of the pro-abortion cult of death in the name of women’s health care and women’s right to choose.

Don’t get the idea I am a fanatic about pro-life issues. The Church came out with an official position right after the Supreme Court overthrow of Roe v. Wade and you can read it on the Church website. It is sensible and I am on board with it 100%. There are very rare cases when it might be justified but the vast majority of those cases do not fit those categories.

The thing is, most people are opposed to abortion after the 1st trimester when there is a heartbeat and brainwaves at about 12-15 weeks. Science, the abortionists religion, says death occurs when there is no heartbeat and no brainwaves. So, for those who say the fetus is not alive human being, then death doesn’t occur when brainwaves and heartbeats cease and science is wrong. Thus, life begins at about 12-15 weeks. Prophets have been asked when does the spirit enter into our bodies and they have given no specific time after conception. But, have been opposed to abortion unless the health of the mother is in question and rape and incest. Abortionists don’t care if they are killing a living unborn baby. They are more concerned with money and less accountability with their sexual parts.