Enoch Watson, here's what you get

(1) Philly/BYU Sports Guy on X: “Is the #2 recruit in Utah and a 4 star with a 91 composite score really about to flip to byu? This would be a huge addition. https://t.co/ioeYIyxza4” / X (twitter.com)

made the top 10 plays for HS football.

2024 QB Enoch Watson Talks Commitment to BYU - Vanquish The Foe

For me, BYU starts and finishes with QB,
Strong kid, Detmer like accuracy. good vision. Strong runner. will fit BYU well

Watson seems to have the size, the arm and enough mobility to survive pocket pressure. I guess time will tell.

Satuala flipping would be a big deal. Go Coach Hill—get your guy!

Signings mean literally nothing. Nobody stays for four years, and at the slightest sign of competition or consequences, they all will “hit the portal.”

Depends. Players come to BYU because of the school’s entirety. So, let’s be happy with what we have and the journey rather than just the end results. Like in basketball. How fun has the past few weeks been?

Sorry but I’m declaring my right as a BYU fan to demand better than a bottom of the barrel football program that for years is near worst in the country on defense, loses its NFL QB and instantly becomes not average but near worst in the country on offense. I don’t need BYU sports to validate my life or happiness, but as a proud alumni with close ties to the athletic department, I invest a lot of my time watching BYU football and basketball and demand more than mediocrity (or worse).


Demands? From what position do you get to demand anything but to watch and cheer your Cougars of BYU? Enjoy the process so you can enjoy the results to come. Salt Lake City wasn’t built in a day.

Considering our performance record and coaching decisions in critical losses over the past two years, perhaps we should move A Rod to recruiting and Hire a real technical coach like Max Hall. Listen to an intelligent commentator, like Trevor Matich and out of politeness he speaks of accountability. We hire nice guys who people like, but since Grimey left, we don’t have any genius at the core of our offense. Would be nice to truly utilize the LDS talent, so they can showcase their talent, like Detmer and Hall did. Then the best would feel like even non LDS players did back in the 70’s - 90’s, I can get a clear shot at NFL with the BYU vaunted offense!

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Like it, the truth shall set you free

I believe the phrase is referring to Jesus Christ’s truth. Not man’s biased truth :grin:

Truth regardless of where you find it shall “Set you free”, it is an eternal principal.

However, we are giving opinions. So, your truth may not be someone else’s. Of course, we are the Lord’s university :grin:

ARod has been recruiting QBs for 6 years at BYU and has yet to recruit a single QB from anywhere that has had a significant impact on the field.


Valid Point. But it seems no rationale makes a difference in today overpaid political world. Yah and he has had plenty of experience and quiet a track record as QB coach.

What Track record? Just curious who you put on the List.

Wilson? No, he has gone to the John Beck camp since his junior year in High School. John taught him what he knew about being a QB.

Hall? No, again Jaren went to John Beck (recommended by Wilson) to help him to become a better QB with throwing mechanics, foot work, etc.

These two are well documented as saying John Beck is the reason they are in the NFL.

Slovis? Nope, he learned from other coaches and again from John Beck.

I don’t see a good track record for ARod, period.

Floyd, I think you and I have beaten this drum into oblivion :slight_smile: . I don’t follow Utah football, but according to his bio, Arod was there from 05 to 17 and was never the QB coach, rather he coached the WRs. So his entire QB coaching resume is the last 6 years at BYU.

Watson, Lugo, and Su’esu’e: three new ARod signees. According to 247, BYU was Lugo’s only P4 offer, and Watson only had one other P4 offer. The more I see of Lugo, he reminds me of Maivea or the burner QB from Colorado who signed a couple years ago, was too small and overmatched, and left. Watson has a good arm and looks big enough. He looks really good. I think if he were not LDS and so committed to BYU so early on I’m confident other P4 schools would have offered him. But we won’t see him for at least 3 years (mission plus RS). Su’esu’e was heavily recruited, with 3 B12 offers, one ACC offer, and one SEC offer. Several recruited him as a TE or WR or OLB because he’s tall and kinda freakishly athletic. To me he looked like the best recruit of the 3. I think he would have been a 4 star had he played in a passing offense for more than 1 year (ran the option at DeLaSalle). But like Watson he’s a mission first kid, and I wonder if Arod will still have a job at BYU when those guys show up. What a mess.

For AROD and Sitake to keep their jobs, They will have to change their thought process from ball control and lack of creativity in game to developing QBs with great repour with receivers. Saben at Bama changed once Georgia developed elite QBs. He also brought in Mad minds like Sarkisian and Lane Kiffin.

Hill seems to have not only energized the defense but recruited well enough to address our internal line and edge rushing, but I see Hill as a guy that can adjust to Big 12 high octane offenses. Now Sitake has to answer that challenge. If he can’t get BYU to a place where they can Keep Up with the Big 12; The big question here is: Will BYU give Sitake one more year when ARod fails to get us to a bowl game, AROD becomes the scape goat, gets fired or will they clean house

Here is some news:
BYU football: This transfer quarterback is joining the Cougars - Deseret News

Bohanon, not the answer.
Elite runner before his shoulder injury but lost the starting job at Baylor.

Should give the others competition. Who knows, maybe he’s been seeing John Beck for all you know. I’m happy he’s here. We need a deeper QB room.

In 2021 he had some good numbers passing and running and Baylor was a top 10 team. He got injured late in the year. I had asked on another thread if BYU was going after him and nobody responded. Now I have my answer. I think I read somewhere that he was honorable mention all Big Twelve.

I haven’t heard that anybody else showed any interest in him. Maybe he is damaged goods. For not being a good passer his numbers for Baylor in 2021 were quite good.