Especially for Jim Hawks

Noteworthy comments:
" I’ve (Dave Rose) told you this for years, but I love to give seniors opportunities because they’ve been here long enough, they’ve played enough games. It comes down to basically one thing — let’s see what we can do to help our team win games."

"I think Luke (Worthington), one thing he gives you is he gives you everything he’s got — every play, every day. That’s what we really like about him.”

About Hardnett:
“Not yet,” Rose said when asked if Hardnett’s been cleared to practice. “He’s going to see another specialist (Wednesday). Hopefully, we’ll get a timeline and some more specific qualifications that need to be met in order for him to get back."

“Some guys are just tough guys and they’ve played through soreness and pain. Jahshire is a guy like that.”

With all the comments going around, i thought you would enjoy this article Jim.

Wow, thanks Floyd. I really appreciate your interest in helping prove my points and making me upset at the same time. LOL!

I am not going to say anymore about Luke or Jashire… the coach has said and done enough.

Let’s see where this goes

I believe Rose…but…it’s possible the “injury” is a bit of red herring here to help everybody to move along. “Nothing to see here.” Maybe that’s what Jim meant when he said he appreciated your interest in helping prove his points.

I believe him too, to a certain degree. I think the herring better characterizes what is going on. I don’t think the injury is nearly as bad as what is being portrayed, what with doctors and hand specialists, etc. I think it is helping to pave the way for what Rose’s plan is for the team going forward. That is to get Emery as much playing time as possible. Hardnett’s “injury” is a convenient way to accomplish that.

The timing is just too coincidental…

In our society there is no more right and wrong… only what is “fair” and we do everything we can to distort reality and truth. It’s a sad commentary on us as people as there is only perception anymore.

What are friends for? :open_mouth: