ESPN's Ryan McGee shares his thoughts about BYU and the upcoming season

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Which team will exceed expectations this season?

Ryan McGee: BYU’s last stand as an independent will ride on the arm (and legs) of QB Jaren Hall, but with a gaggle of receivers, the entire defense returning (though it needs work) and a schedule made for getting attention (Stanford, Arkansas, Baylor, Oregon, Notre Dame, Boise State, the Cougars could be rolling into the Big 12 next season with some real momentum.

Which Group of 5 team is in the best position to be the next Cincinnati?

McGee: I would love to see Coastal Carolina do it simply for the Beverly Hillbillies party-crasher factor. That same philosophy applies to Holgorsen. But BYU has the best chance simply because they have the schedule to do it. And by best chance I mean no chance, because Cincy used up the Gang of Five’s one-use-only lift ticket.

I think I agree with his reasoning. Any thoughts?

Until Byu’s defense plays the way a championship Defense plays I would have to say a big no it this time

I agree with both of you. Defense wins championships isn’t just some popular catch phrase, generally speaking it is true. I also believe his comment about the one use lift ticket. As legitimate as BYU has been (generally speaking again) lately, there is no way they translate that success into anything meaningful on a national level.

Too much corruption at the highest levels of ALL sports.