Euro trip playing powder puffs, what we know

BYU’s Jaxson Robinson Shines Against Italian Professional Team (

Robinson is Big 12 ready. Watched as he started to assert himself towards the middle-end of last year.

Knell is healthy again and knocking down about 50% from 3land. Knell had not been healthy for the past 2 years, he adds veteran depth to a BYU squad that will still be roasted by Big 12 lightning quick guards. Love Knell but can he defend speed???

Still have not seen a minute from newcomers Aly Khalifa and Dawson Baker. Khalifa is still navigating the [minor tweak to his knee that he suffered in practice at the BYU Annex]

Here is a little nugget from KState for you conspiracy thinkers out there
K-State Coach: Ques Glover Left BYU Over ‘Lack Of Trust’ Not NIL (
Starting to not like KState’s Coach Tang but that’s just me. It was ALL NIL a Day Long. end of subject

Pope took the high road on this and didn’t go after the player. Dung took the low road and dist another coach. If Ques ends up not playing much, he will learn a valuable lesson in life.

Ques will be their starting PG, This is a killer for BYU…Killer

Maybe. We will see. He’s short and we will bury him on offense.

I’m glad to see that Knell is stepping up. To be successful this coming year, we need him to be a 10 to 15-point contributor instead of a 0 to 10 point contributor.

If Jaxon and Knell can both consistently hit 40%+ from the three next year, then we might avoid being in the bottom ranks.

With Ques leaving, our ceiling this year might be the NIT. However next year might be better since Hall and Stewart will get valuable experience and be more prepared. I have not been a fan of pope bringing on one year point guards. His system is complex and they seem to underperform compared to their previous years stats. I don’t think it has worked well for us. I think it is a short game. We would be much better this year if Hall and Stewart got more experience last year.

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Totally agree, and on top of that keep water man on the bench

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Expect water man to have a water break year!

I’d like to see Stewart get his shot this year and play more.