Everyone calm down

Bronco leaving wasn’t a shock nor unexpected, and Tom was well aware of it and talked to him last year after the bowl issue about the exit strategy.

Our new coach has another game to coach and is in the process of finalizing the deal, and unless the BOT block his salary request, he will be named shortly, but not before the bowl game for obvious reasons.

Enjoy the bow game, hopefully we can hang with them, or at least play hard for the future of our program and to show our new coach who is worth keeping around and who needs to be shown the door.

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Alright, that means Whittingham, Sitaki or Anderson is the new coach. Which is it? Come on, you know :wink:

Some of us are astute enough to know without being told. Obviously SG isn’t in that camp.

Thanks for the additional info. and honestly, I’ve missed you on this board. :smile:

No, just like before, where you have chastised KC for spreading rumors, he has been spot on. No guessing or your so called rational approaches (conspiracy theories) :smile: $

So, are you throwing a bowl party Saturday?

I am so glad the one in the know has spoken. I will get a great night’s sleep tonight knowing that Urban Meyer is coming to coach BYU after the Ohio State bowl game and his baptism that is scheduled the following day.

KC always claims that he knows the inside information. I do not ever remember his prognostications being accurate.

He never missed.

Needs valid temple recommend. If Urban comes over and gets baptized, he’ll have to redshirt for a year as assistant head coach.

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My inside guy who has been in the meetings in person texts or calls me every day but is not saying a single word about who the coach is. My inside girl works in the office and she won’t say a word either, even though I pay half her rent and bought her a ticket home for xmas to butter her up. And I don’t ask them, because if they could tell me they would, but if the boss tells them to keep their mouths shut they would do that too. BYU is doing a good job of not leaking stuff out. I think we are lucky to have Holmoe and that he will, given the significant limitations of the BYU HC job, get the best guy he can.

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Hey, we all know that Bronco had his ceiling here at the Y but could someone please explain the concept to me that he takes most of the BYU coaches with him and how there will get Polys to travel to Virginia?

I am very excited about the prospects of a new coach and new direction. If it is Sitake then I’m doing back flips.

go Cougs.

It’s an enigma, Tom. If it’s Sitake there is no reason to delay the announcement. OSU isn’t going anywhere and Anderson is certainly all for Sitake getting the HC position. In my mind the longer you wait the more damage you do to recruiting-so is it someone who is involved in a bowl game right now? Only reasoning I can figure and that would leave Sitake out