Exciting new upgrade to the schedule

Princeton instead of BYU Hawaii.


Princeton wase essentially as good as the Cougs last year. But lost next to nobody.
I would put this down as a likely 0-ffer start to the new bball season.

The only thing the Cougs have going for them is overall superior talent and playing at home. Against a smart experience squad who expect to win, the Cougs will have their metal tested early.

and with 6 games in the first two weeks of the season…the team will be racking up experience points quickly…

Expect starters
2 star Brig–highly underrated
4 star Nick Emery
4 star Rose
4 star Mika
3 star Davis

off the bench 3.3 star Dastrup and Childs and 4 star Haws
will anyone else on the team even average 5 minutes a game…doubtful.
Does anyone else care about bball right now…doubtful.

I am looking forward to new season with all those talents coming in. We will be playing BYU Hawaii too. Looking forward to playing Princeton too.

Really, Kyle Davis 3 stars. He only had one monster game early last year against some lessor school but the rest the way has been disappointment. Hope he will deliver but hard to tell.

just listened to Nashif interview after signing LJ Rose.

Three guards who’ve played point and 2 on successful college teams.
Nick, LJ, and Brig.
“We like to play four guards, and we only had four on scholarship.”

I think it will be interesting to see how Nashif restructures the offense with the plethora of bigs. His tenure of control of the offense has had nothing but guard heavy. Admittedly he had highly successful offenses–and essentially had the point forward KC to make the for the four guards.

I guess we would have to sort of analyze how success is defined. What is successful? I think it is a relative term, depending on how you look at it. There were little, specific “successes” here and there, but in the big picture I don’t think BYU has been all that “successful”.

Success is also based on opinion and that is mine.

you seem to have missed one of the words I used…offense
I did not talk team success overall…it underperformed both expectations and talent level in the Tyler Haws and Kyle Collinsworth eras.

Nashif has been in charge of the bball team’s offense the last few years. It has been high scoring, high tempo, and efficient…individual parts of course could have done better…but team defense has been the major problem with the team

ESPN announced their beginning of season 24 hour bball marathon…
They apparently arranged the Princeton BYU matchup


Who is 2 star Brig? Is that Bryant you are talking about?

yes. I’ve heard several of the players call him Brig,

His actual middle name is Brigham, apparently after a certain well known Mormon prophet.

10 p.m. Princeton at BYU ESPN2

BYU will be the 1st men’s team to play. With BYU’s weak schedule, BYU will have to be something like 26-4 to get into the dance with any kind of good seating.

I imagine their seating will be what everyone else gets–right down there on the basketball floor. Seeding? Well that’s a different story…

blame it on siri

Understood! I’ve been a victim of siri many, many times!

Harold, love your postings. In terms of starters, While I agree that Bryant has red shirted and been with the team a full year, I just can’t see TJ Haws sitting on the bench…ever. Mika and Emery have 6 or 7 years playing together. How do you separate those 3? That was a national Gatorade championship group and I just can’t see Rose busting that up especially with their old coach at BYU

Absolutes in my mind are:
Davis (Rose loves seniors)

with Rose, Childs and Dastrup coming off the bench in that order.

Having said that, Rose is also a senior and Coach Rose loves seniors. Who knows?

Oh no… here we go again. :astonished:

we’re talking about lineups here, not championships. just lineups. If you want to jump into the “who’s going to get playing time” conversation, I’m all ears but don’t be twisting my words for a quick chuckle. Have too much of that going on nationally.

Who are the starters?

Hey now… you know I’m only giving you a hard time because I like you. I don’t know who the starting lineup will be but I understand what you are saying and I can’t really dispute it.

I think Davis is overrated, he plays too wimpy. Hopefully his experience will make a difference. I love Mika, plain and simple he is a beast. I like Emery, when he isn’t trying to be Jimmer. I think Haws is the best all around player and can do anything but he needs to get up to speed and that may take a year. The others are unknown but I have seen players in the past that don’t get the time they need or deserve and their talent is wasted for a player of lesser skill and potential.

We will see.

There are others that can play too. Love the competition between players and playing time. I agree with your lineup but I don’t know what they are looking like right now on the court.

UVU seems to be picking up a number of the deserving players…
Boston picked up one…
Ainge and Hartsock could probably pick up time on the court for Pope too.

I’m afraid that Hartsock is one that got away. Same with Chatman. Both these guys could see the writing on the wall so they split. And I wish them all the luck and good things in their lives. Classy guys.

See, that’s why I love your posts…You rip but you also understand and post your thoughts.

I’m fine with Davis, he is a consistent worker but his free throws have got to come up % wise. The big problem with Davis is he has been a go-to guy at the end of the games where a missed FT costs you the game. Between Him and KC, we lost 5 games at the line.

The nice thing about TJ and Emery. They are 90%ers.