Expansion of College Football Playoff to 12 Teams

The present discussion of the expansion of the College Football Playoffs to 12 teams causes another issue for BYU. Are we going to be left out in the cold looking in again? There is no mention of independent teams involved. My guess is that Notre Dame will figure a way to get into the football playoffs with it’s tie in with the Atlantic Coast Conference. How does BYU get in? To me a tie in with the American Athletic Conference would help BYU get into the playoff as a P-6 champion. The AAC calls itself a P-6 in football and a power conference in basketball. My guess is that the AAC will soon become a new power conference in football with the twelve team NCAA Football Playoff. If BYU ties into the AAC in football and maybe in basketball to it will increase our chances of getting into the Division I football playoffs and will add power for the NCAA basketball tournaments, for both the men and women’s teams. BYU may consider addting the Olympic sports as a member of the AAC with a western partner like Air Force or Boise State.

If Byu could pull buoy State and San Diego State AAC. Then yes I think they should do it otherwise Indy is still our best route

I was thinking the same those two schools along with BYU and if not then we stay independent

But if power conference want BYU to join then definitely yes but I don’t know

I can’t help but think of the symbol for Legal Justice with the scale tilting a bit one way or the other,
We are now playing 7 P5 teams per season. My guess is that Homo will soon be having us playing 9
P5 teams per season. We will look like a P5 team. We will schedule like a P5 team. We will win like a
P5 Team, and when we do this, (Like Note Dame), we will be respected as a P5 team either as an Independent or as a team accepted into a P5 conference.

Are we really gaining an opportunity to get into a P5 playing off, by giving up ( what is becoming) a
P5 schedule, for going back to a G5 schedule?

Is getting into a Playoff more important than playing a P5 schedule, or is playing a P5 schedule more important than getting to play in the play off.

Which is more likely to get us into a P5 conference?

Ron, I wish it was that simple. If we play P5 teams and win most or nearly all our games, surely we will be invited to be part of a P5 conference when the next opportunity for expansion comes along. Well, I believe it will always come down to MONEY. Who gets it and who doesn’t. Right now the P5 conferences have a strangle hold on all the major money bowls and guaranteed play off spots. Fairness, parity, even public opinion take a back seat to payola. G5 inclusion in any play off game is seen as money lost from P5 coffers and it’s not happening. Try as we might (and should), we must be INVITED to join a P5 conference and talk of expanding power conferences to include a 6th conference is still just talk and would only mean LESS MONEY for those in power at present. Am I missing something?

Yes, the AAC is an option if BYU does not get into a Power Conference, which to me is very feasible. For us getting into the PAC-12 or Big 12 is not a shoe in. So the AAC seems to be a good alternative for the Cougars. Also BYU may have some better options for football bowls and other tournaments in other sports.