False narrative

Byu is catching national headlines for presumedly turning down the Washington game. Fact is, the PAC 12 goons are the ones to blame for the game not happening.

Byu wanted to play bad, and would have, but one of the many ridiculous conditions the PAC 12 was enforcing for this game was that even if byu had accepted all the terms laid out, the game could still be cancelled at the last second if a fellow conference team were to come available. Can’t blame byu for turning that down.

Holmoe did make a reasonable counter offer, but of coarse nothing is mentioned about it. Instead the media is pushing the narrative that byu is scared to play.

Utter lunacy.

Especially since Washington wasn’t ever going to happen. I think the days that BYU has to bend to everyone’s else’s desires are done and I’m glad-no more Cinderella story