Few Suggestions for the board

I would suggest a couple of changes.

  1. On the forum, you should have a tab for each discussion group (men sports, women’s sports, Off-topic etc.) then when the user clicks on that tabs, there are sub tabs for each sports group (football, Basketball, etc.)
    This would allow a more eye easy screen to be seen and you can go from one page to another with ease. More importantly, it would give the user a chance to go back to the main screen. Some times I will post something, then want to go read the articles on the front page. Currently I have a hard time finding a way to go back to the main page. I am a programmer, so I can image what it is like for those who don’t work in the field.

  2. when some one wants to reply to a post, they click the reply button which brings up a box to type the comment on. That is great. But could you rename the “Reply” button to say “Post” or some other more clear term to show that is what you do to post your comments. That would make it easier for the users to know what to do instinctive.

  3. Can you change the column “Activity” to “Last Changed” and use a date time field? this would let people know when the last time someone has posted this the topic.

  4. Lastly… you guys really need to communicate with the users. We put in suggestions and get no reply to them. Which means that in about 3 weeks when this becomes permanent, your loyal posters will drop to about 10 percent because others like myself will simply go to another site because at least there, we are heard.

How do we put in a new post on a different subject?

What do you mean by subject?

When you create a post (press new topic button), it defaults to ‘Uncategorized’. You have to change that to something like ‘Football’, ‘Basketball’, etc. The subject of the topic is up to what you decide to call it.

Why the rule on no response after 30 minutes? I think that is stupid? Why not keep posts on the Board until whenever? Is this a part of your smart board?

That rule only applies to posts where no topic is given. If you give it a topic (e.g., Football, Basketball, etc), you won’t see that problem. If when you create a new topic, select the topic near the top right. If you don’t, the topic becomes ‘Uncategorized’ and it will be locked after 30 minutes.

Another way to create a topic is to go into the category (Football, etc), and then create the topic. I believe it will default to that particular subject.

Good post Floyd. Makes sense to me.