Finding balance during this virus

Here my suggestions for dealing with this Virus.

  1. Turn off the news media! They sell tragedy for a reason.
  2. Stop ready Facebook posts about the world ending.
    3.Do go outside in the warm sunshine and feel the warmth of the sun. – My wife has always been a big believer in the healing raise of the sun and fresh air.
  3. While outside do some yard work and sweat a little.
  4. Read the scriptures to get balance in your life.

While you are studying the scriptures, check out these two very good “Come Follow me” Youtube video’s

To answer Scott in the un-category post…

If you go outside in your yard, you are pretty safe, the problem is that you have to be at least 6 feet away from your neighbors.

Not sure what California is doing and their orders, but if you are in your back yard working, feeling the warmth of the sun, that will help, it did for me on Saturday.

Thank you Floyd. It was a good post you have. Helpful and all…stay safe :slight_smile:

I was amazed at how just working in my yard, cleaning up from the fall/winter leftover leaves, the sun felt on my face, and how it helped me both mentally and physically.

Things did not seem as bad, well until I woke up the next morning and my back hurt like the dickens. LOL

Everyone needs to be safe and take care.

Exercising sends out endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. And, people that are happy don’t kill each other :slight_smile:

Ya, my gym is closed. When it re-opens I will feel it the days after my first workout. The older I get the longer the hurt lasts.

Good read! I might add-exercise and eat healthy-lots of fruits and vegetables. If you get the virus, it helps if you are healthy with a good immune system!

I need an explanation. The medical experts keep coming out saying 40% of the U.S. will get the virus. That’s around 140 million people. Right now, about 41,000 have it. That’s about 0.01% if the population. How do they conclude this when China is around 90,000 total with 1.5 billion people? Italy is about 0.10% and they are hit the hardest of any country so far. Also, there are 372,000 people that have or had the virus in the entire world. How do we end up with 140 million?

You sound like my wife, she cooks from scratch most of the time, so we do eat healthier and she loves all kinds of weird vegie’s… LOL

because of my knee and reconstructed foot, exercise is limited, but I try to take 2-3 walks a day to help with that.

The numbers they are reporting are from “Tested” patients…

The issue was the tests were not available a month ago, so as more people get tested, the number will spike dramatically, as mentioned by Trump’s doctor for the Task force talked about that over the weekend.

We are running behind the curve right now.

I understand that. But in the Spanish Flu epidemic in 1918, 28% is reported to have contracted it with about 0.50% of the 28% dying from it. I just don’t see with the instant information highway and technology how it will get anywhere close to it. Only 500 deaths in at least 2 months. Tens of thousands have already died from the flu.

So, Hannity has a doctor on his show who is giving 350 of his patients a combination of hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Azithromiocin. All have not needed hospitalization and have all gotten better. It’s stopping the bad lung breathing problems. So, New York, Washington and California will begging using this. Hopefully it makes a huge difference!

Listen to your wife🤗and when able try biking and take some possible stress off your knees👍

Yes. I need to bike more, that way I can just rin over people who get too close

Lol be careful who you run over-I hit a dog and broke 6 ribs but the dog was A-ok​:shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::no_mouth::innocent:

Did you sue the dog :joy:

Nah the dog was destitute without assets :wink: