First B12 baskatball lineup

some good…some bad… if the team can get to 500 it will be a pleasant surprise…edit that please…it would be a huge suprise…if the team can get to 5 in conference wins it will be a pleasant surprise…500 a massive achievement

long term blue goggles…short term could use some sunshine in the dark clouds ahead

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We will do better than people think as long as the referees are fair. We know they are better than what we have had.

I am uncertain what you are thinking with.

Last years NET ratings…please note NET is not a poll but a reasonably accurate computer assessment of complex statistics.

1 Houston
7 Texas
9 Kansas
15 Baylor
20 Iowa State
24Kansas State
25 WV
28 TCU
43 Ok State
63 Texas Tech
64 Oklahoma
70 Cincinnati
85 BYU
160 South Florida

I believe Pope can recruit and coach well enough to compete…but at this point the entry into the B12 is going to be an ugly season.

I probably put that too strong…I used to believe, now I have hope that Pope can recruit and coach well enough…He has the right talk…He seems to have the right walk…but the results have not shown up yet…

Just to update with the newer schools for next year.
Obviously just a one year snap shot from last year.
Utah and Arizona along with BYU, Kansas, and Cincinnati are among the top 25 winning programs all time…Arizona has a coach I think will do. Pope maybe can get it worked out. Smith…improving each year…doing better than pope in two years…

10 Arizona
66 ASU
69 Colorado
79 Utah

BYU in a bubble near the bottom of the best basketball conference in America…work to do.

Some bad news today for BYU basketball. Glover without playing a single game at BYU has announced he has put his name in the portal per Dnews today.

Who is Glover? Oh, him. Didn’t want to compete for NIL money or the Honor Code was
More difficult than he thought. Too bad. Whose going to pick up some like that.

Whelp, Lose your point guard, lose your season.

At this point, there is nobody to replace him. couldn’t of been any worse news

Report: Ques Glover likely to re-enter transfer portal before ever playing at BYU - Deseret News

it may be he wants a payday and this is his way of getting boosters to beg him back

I wondered about that. Another article I read speculated that might be the case. I assume he got some kind of deal to play at BYU and then he may have started comparing it to what some other players are getting at some of the other P5 schools and figures he can do better. NIL and the portal have turned college sports into pro sports.

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Hey Chris just letting you know I’m alive and well! As usual I’m kind of a “non poster” in the summer…I’m known as an optimist, BUT…yeah, ok…I really like D Hall and think he will be remembered as a good player at BYU, but I’m not optimistic about this season. I saw too many B12 teams dancing last year and comparing our team, yikes…

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it’s all good brother, nice to see you back breathin fire. I thought with Ques, we would compete in the B12 as in do better than anyone predicted but without a 2nd point, BYU will struggle in the best bball league in the nation by a mile.

Because the NIL makes these player’s professionals, they should be required to follow through on their contracts. If it wasn’t an honor code violation then Ques should suit up a Cougar. And this goes both ways.