First game is a week and a half away

and I don’t see much talk except for the hopper making wild predictions about the season. What is the deal with South Florida? Are they any good? I don’t know if I like seeing BYU ranked preseason at 25 because it will make the team think they are better than anyone really knows.

I guess we will see…

Earlier I said that Byu should beat South Florida. USF Averaged over 35 points on defense. Meaning they gave up an average of 35 points per game. Byu should be a two touchdown favorite because I don’t think that USF has improved their defense that much. I think that the Baylor quarterback quarterback is the starter for the game. Do you know the one Webe one he was Utah’s quarterback

I agree with you. It’s like having a big target On BYU back

The Swamp #2. Do you think pickle juice help? Yuck!!!

BYU should be #8

They may have a top 10 team. Win first 5 or 6 games and they will be top 10 easy.

Tall order, but this team is good

Coaching will be the decision maker. Making the right calls at the right time is key. We have the players to go 11-1. We need the coaches to be at the top of their games and positive fans to spread good karma to the players :sunglasses:

It will be nice if BYU doesn’t have to outscore the other team because of lazy defensive schemes. If teams are patient against BYU they usually do well because we don’t pressure an opponents offense into turnovers or mistakes. I remember a game last year or the year before where BYU could not stop Virginia. They always make opposing QB’s look like all americans. :joy:

The DC decision making will win/lose this game… (as well as the rest of the season).

I found this article interesting…
Kalani Sitake believes BYU football’s cover corners are real deal - Deseret News

What do you think Jim?

Jim does not think. He reacts emotionally :sunglasses:

I like pickle juice. If they don’t like it, apple cider vinegar. The romans used wine and bread on their long marches, wine turned to vinegar as if fermented.

BYU is designed to eat up time by bending. We all hate it because Tuiaki never takes any big risks. It cost us a run at the playoffs when we lost to the Canceliers. I would also add that BYU only wins big games if we can put heat on their QBs, something that I have not seen in 5 seasons or so.

The problem last year for the defense, according to Kalani, was that the defense could never get the opposing offense off the field. Very poor on stopping 3rd down.

That is the decisions I am talking about… Will the ituaki make good decisions to stop the 3rd down conversion?

The only time that we had good pressure on the QB for the majority of the game was against Utah last year.

yes indeed. and that is large was because the QB held the ball too long and Tuiaki did have the balls to call “Heat” plays. It gave me hope for the year but Tui. came crashing back to reality

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I like the positive take and the fact that Sitake is willing to talk about and explain the strategy and efforts he is making. Now if that can translate into real world results then that is even better. I hope Sitake is a little more assertive in making his expectations for the defense clear. After all, he is a defensive guy.

I do like the fact that BYU is willing to play a tough schedule. Win or lose they are making the effort to prepare for the move to the Big 12.

See, being positive isn’t that difficult. Go Cougars! :sunglasses: