First half looks pretty good

Hope we can continue to shoot well. Defense has to do better and keep turnovers down.

The BYU enigma is back on the attack. BYU is playing relaxed but notice how it is all about Fischer and Collinsworth getting theirs… and Rose has played the same 5 guys the entire second half. Oh, excuse me, Aytes has seen a few minutes.

This team, regardless of the score and outcome, is a group of selfisch, individual players who want to play glory hog ball. There are plenty of losses left down the road.

I don’t see that at all. They have been playing great defense and team offense. Yes, it would be nice to see others come in. But, when Fischer is as hot as he is, you don’t take him out. I like what I see.

You are watching the scoreboard, not the game. Fischer is about to break the individual single game scoring record for the tournament and isn’t that what it is all about? The guy is going to end up with 40+ points in a game that BYU leads by 25 with under 6 minutes to go.

Obviously you are watching the game but you really aren’t seeing what is going on. Isn’t that the real problem in all of our discussions here? You just don’t get it…

Had he scored 15-20 in both games BYU would be playing in the championship of the tournament, but who cares, he has the INDIVIDUAL tournament scoring record now…

I guess I should be more excited… but I’m a team kind of guy and the way selFischer plays makes me sick.

note: under 4 minutes to go, still have the 25 point lead and selFisch is still in the game. I rest my case.

note: Once he passed the 40 point mark Rose pulled him. Unfortunately he left Emery in and with 1 minute to go he hurt himself… knuckleheads.

a lot of head shaking going on here. What happened to Emery?

No word on where he is at, but with about a minute to go he went up for a rebound and was accidentally undercut and came slamming to the ground landing on his left arm/elbow area.

Everyone was so caught up in congratulating Fischer that Rose forgot to get Emery out of the game. The same thing happens with the football team because players are left in the game unnecessarily. I understand leaving selFischer in so he could get his 40+ and the record, etc. and had KC been close to another triple double I’m sure he would have stayed in the game.

Those are the two biggest reasons why this team is going nowhere.

note - just realized that Corbin Miller from Harvard is a returned missionary. You gotta hate it when a RM puts the hurt on the Cougars…

So, you must have hated the Jimmer and Haws years :slight_smile: I saw team ball out on the court. Both on offense and defense. Rose was out to win and he was going with those who were getting it done. Great game after last night no shows.

I am with Jim on this one. Fisher’s inconsistent play is the most important reason behind BYU’s troubles this year (not the only one, but the most important). How does a coach account for a starter who scores under 5 points one night and then 40 the next. Some might say he’s just off during some games - I agree, he’s off alright, as in not willing to come to work 100% for every game.

Anyone who has played ball knows what I’m talking about. Yea, you can have an off night and score 15 instead of 25 or something like that. But you don’t lay 0 for whatever games out there. No way, no how if you’re a determined player. You may have to fight a bit harder for your points but you don’t lay 5 point or less games out the floor. To me, that’s purely a desire thing. I don’t know the guy and if I have him pegged wrong I am truly sorry, but from my cheap seat if he wants to start for this team, he needs to either give it 100% every night AGAINST ALL COMPETITION or let someone else take his place. Occasional outburst just don’t cut it in my book if you want to be a leader.

He isn’t consistant. Who else is? And, when he’s on do you want him sitting on the bench? It’s not his fault. He comes and gives 100% each night. That has nothing to do with being off on his shots. Rose has to recognize when he isn’t and replace him for a rest. Seljass is a likely candidate. But, if he started, would he also be inconsistent? Possibly. Emery isn’t on every night either.
The real problem with this team is free throws. Each loss is based in a couple of points here and there.

Obviously Frank has some personal experience from which he speaks. It is fairly important that a person has actually played the game competitively to understand what he is talking about. You have not done that so it is difficult, if not impossible, for you to relate to what he is saying. His comments about Fischer are spot on, it’s okay to acknowledge it… Fischer did.

If you truly had more than a superficial understanding of the game you would agree with Frank. Because you don’t, you aren’t able to. It isn’t a matter of being on or not being on.

What we saw in the last two games will happen again this season. We will point it out to you and you will not understand it. It’s almost as frustrating as watching it happen in the first place.

Emery might not be on every night. But he’s giving it all every night and his scoring,
20, 13, 12, 23, 17, 11, 27, 18, 20, 2, 10, with the exception of the LBSU game has been pretty consistent and for a freshman puts him in the Danny Ainge quality of scorer.

He never just mails it in.

Unfortunately Fischer and KC are the teams heart this year…

I’ve puzzled over the lack of substitutions in the second half as well.

The only thing I’ve been able to come up with is that Rose has mentioned getting some guys on the floor to work well and then gradually mixing in substitutes so that they fit in with the other guys and thus build up both confidence and teamwork.

I suspect that such a philosophy is behind the reason why he prefers to start the beginning of the year with the experienced players even though it obvious to him, at least judging from some of his comments, that some of the newer players sitting on the bench are superior to the ones on the floor.

Once again BYU is losing the close games. Other than Weber St. BYU hasn’t won a close game and even that one was marginally close. The losses to LBSU and now Harvard… should have been wins. I might be okay with BYU sitting at 10-2 and going into a game vs. Oklahoma.for the championship of the Hawaii tourney. If they were competitive in that game then all is good in Cougarland. This is all hypothetical but a very real possibility for a team with lots of talent and little chemistry…

As for your comment about Emery, nobody has been as consistent and reliable, particularly since he became a starter. Check the box scores, Harold did it for you… it’s true.

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I don’t see them mailing it in. I see them working hard to get open for shots and try to score. KCs game is great when you look at what he does every game. Very consistant and rebounds and has high assists every game. Because we are 8-4, not 12-0, this team is selfish and sucks. I don’t buy it.

Rose wants to win and he wanted this team today to blow out NM. He’s looking for consistency too. Playing 14 guys every game doesn’t do that. He has always wanted an 8 man rotation. He’s got it. The others will have to work harder in practices. It’s what all coaches do.

I don’t think this team is selfish, though I don’t think that you can argue with the fact that no other Rose team has ever had a record as bad as 7-4 after 11 games. and this team has played a higher number of patsies than most of Rose’s teams.

As I see it Fischer and KC are seniors and leaders who are not up to snuff as floor leaders.
KC no doubt fills his stats; works hard; any coach would be a fool not to have him on a college team. But he doesn’t do a good job making the rest of the players on the floor step up their game.
Fischer . . . well enough has been said about his inconsistencies. . .and consistency is necessarily a requirement for good leadership.

I was heartened today with Austin. He’s nowhere near as good as the other paint players, or seniors for that matter, but his effort is infectious. Other players play better when he’s out there.

Leadership can be improved I hope that Rose’s comments about Austin starting again may get the other seniors to up their leadership so Austin can go take the bench that his bball skills deserve as opposed to on the floor where his leadership skills have landed him.

You do know that KC leads the team in assists with a lot of them in a college game? And, half of his turnovers are trying to get his teammates the ball for layups? The ball goes flying all over the place when he’s on the bench because teams step up their pressure.
KC takes a lot of shots when he is making them. Today, they weren’t all 3s. He’s a shooting guard for crying out loud. He’s suppose to shoot 12-15 times a game! He made the comment that the Harvard game bothered him so much he didn’t sleep last night. Then he comes out and plays most of the game shooting lights out and flat out playing hard.
No wonder players leave BYU. Their fans are horrible!

Trying to best yourself on dumbest comment of the year before the end of 2015?

Alas… your comment about Rose wanting to 'blow out UNM" or playing 14 guys are overblown… neither is true and they don’t even have 14 guys anymore. Likewise, where have you heard that he wants an 8 man rotation? Nothing you are saying can be looked at as legitimate.

Do you have an explanation for why BYU ALWAYS loses the close games? It’s like a disease…

I thought it was Fischer who said he didn’t sleep well after the Harvard loss not KC.

If the starting point guard wasn’t leading the team in assists then he wouldn’t be starting point. I didn’t say KC or CF wasn’t a good player. I said neither of them is a good enough leader in that they don’t make the other players on the court play better when they are on the floor.
Yes the team usually does play better when KC’s on the court than when he’s not. But that’s because he is a better point at this time than either Chatman or Emery. By the time either of them is a senior, I expect both will be running the team on the floor better than KC does. Of course, if things pan out the way Rose and a whole bunch of the fans expect the talent, and play, of the team will be far superior than the team as a whole so far this year. So as with most sports questions it will be apples and oranges or maybe more likely navel and blood oranges.

No Dave Rose team has ever had so bad a record as 7-4. Two of his other teams have had 8-4 records. So far this year this team is performing at the worst or one of the three worst teams Coach Rose has had. Sure, CF’s slumps have had something to do with it. KC brings it every night. The team is young. Kaufusi didn’t continue his improvement. The paint play is not as dominant as the depth up front indicates it should be.

Rose has a way of getting the team to get better as the year goes on. I expect he will again this year. They’ve just dug themselves a deeper hole this year than usual…

Disagree Harold… there have been numerous examples of selfishness by both Collinsworth and Fischer with Rose right there in the middle of it. If KC trying for another triple double or Fischer attempting to break some personal accomplishment record (yesterday’s game) for tournament scoring or 3 point shooting aren’t prime examples of SELFISHNESS, then I don’t know what is. When you are a 6’ shooting guard and you get caught under the basket on a double team and you have a power forward breaking to the basket wide open and you choose to force your way up for a shot instead of passing the ball, that is called selfishness. Fischer is guilty of it all the time and by the way, he missed both the free throws en route to single handedly losing the game vs. Harvard. Rose calling the final play of regulation for Fischer is why I say he is in the middle of it. It is poison for a team and the primary reason BYU is 8-4 instead pf 10-2 or better. That is just one glaring example of what he does regularly. Also, it is clear that KC is always looking for Fischer whether he is open or not…

Now that he has his personal record for the tournament, do you not think teams in the wcc are going to pay close attention to him? It will force him to adjust his game and he won’t be able to. It will also force Rose to utilize other players and he won’t be able to. Fischer will get frustrated but continue to bomb away and it will hurt the team going forward… wait and see.