First half of St. Mary's game

and it looks like more of the same. Dave Rose desperately trying to come up with an effective lineup, Collinsworth mixing up some good passes with some terribly out of control and wild play, Chase Fischer making some good drives to the basket and mixing in some forced 3 pointers, Kaufusi looking lost, Nick Emery acting like he is still playing for Lone Peak and the worst thing… absolutely no defense at all.

Where is the help on defense? How many easy shots underneath does St. Mary’s need to get before BYU starts playing defense and helping each other?

Like I’ve said numerous times, this team is just too selfish, has no chemistry and continues to try and continues trying to invent the wheel… why not take a page from the UNI game and just play the basic game, quit trying to be fancy, do one on one stuff and abandon defense…

Just do the basics.

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Okay, good start to the second half. Now let’s keep it going.

And remember to play defense!

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No defense = No win…

Also, BYU isn’t good enough to have the officials make a difference. If they were better I might complain about the officiating a little.

One last thing… No chemistry = No win. The Fischer/Collinsworth show needs fixing.

I’m going to counter. Shocked? Our offense system stinks. I hate the weave thing and I’ve said it before. It sets up what you claim to be the selfish looking play. Teams in the WCC know the routine and it causes our players to panic in order to get a shot off.
Kaufusi would look better if they played a true motion offense where he can pass out and receive the ball again.
Why was Aytes not playing? Seljass was sick so he didn’t play much.
How many layups and short shots did we miss? 15?20?
Ya, there were a couple of glaze over calls by the officials. That’s not why we lost.

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KC shooting 25%-Emery shooting 25%-ST Mary’s too many easy baskets-BYU out played -out coached. Should beat this team in Provo with any kind of defensive effort. Austin 14 boards-good effort. Expected better

Call it what you want… I “claim it to be selfish looking play” or whatever, that is exactly what it is. How many times does KC force something when it isn’t there? How many times does Fischer hoist up a 3 when he isn’t squared or ready to shoot it? There are so many flaws in the “scheme” but I call out the seniors because they don’t run the offense like it should be run.

Maybe it is a coaching issue as well, but when something isn’t working it needs to be changed. Obviously the St. Mary’s coach changed his schemes… as he has a completely different team than he has had in years past.

BYU is now in the bottom half of the standings of the wcc. Yeah it’s early but true nonetheless. I keep wondering when BYU is actually going to compete for a wcc title and it looks like another “wait until next year”.

Exactly! They changed we didn’t. The reason KC and FIscher (and practically everyone else) look like it’s selfish is they have a clock these days shorter than before. They are running the weave like they always have. They simply have no one that can create a shot without pushing off. Haws could do that. Davis can down low but he missed a bunch for most of the game. Got hot late.
They aren’t selfish like you think. Someone has to shoot. That weave isn’t working. They should run an offense like St. Mary’s.

We aren’t going to win with defense. So as the offense goes so goes the game. Oh, we have some good defense occasionally. But no help with the bigs.
By the way, the Zags list their big man for the year. We still have a chance for league. Can’t give up so soon.

How did BYU get back in the game when they were down 9 at the half? They came out with energy and pressure defense, got the lead and then went into their “we have the lead now, the other team will roll over and give in and we won’t have to defend as hard” and they lost the game.

Teams that win and play like they want to win play good defense!

BYU isnt going to win anything until they learn to play defense consistently.

There wasn’t any more pressure on the defense. SMU missed some shots. Their coach stopped the game and got them back into their offense and they got easy shots and wide open shots. We started missing ours again and couldn’t quite catch up again.

Also, too many free throws missed again, and again, and again!!!

I remember watching players practice in the off season in the little courts in the Richards building. That would be great to practice their with no back drop. We need to practice more in cracker box courts to get ready for them. We have problems in those gyms.

Disagree… for a 2-3 minute stretch BYU played hard and exerted some defensive effort and then they slacked off again.

It makes a difference, you have to play hard for extended periods of time and things go better. BYU doesn’t do that. It the primary reason why they miss shots and let the opponent score easy baskets. How many points in the paint did SMU have? If you check it I’ll bet it’s a lot.

Check some of the other stats… only 3 guys in double figure scoring, Emery and KC were terrible on offense, Fishcer volume scoring again… the same recipe and it isn’t working.

Chatman had 8 points but he only played 12 minutes. Aytes was 1-1 in 9 minutes of play. KC had 8 lousy points in 35 minutes… and took 15 shots… you are a stats guy, do the math.

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The offense plays a lot better when the defense is active and pressuring. I know KC is a star, but I would like to know his turnover to assist ratio. Discipline -Saint Mary’s had it-BYU-not. This team is not as good as last years. More Chatman-play inside out-quit forcing things that aren’t there. Great coaches make average players good. At this point BYU has talent but they aren’t getting the most out of it

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So who is the offensive coach Terry Nashif, I felt the same way that there was no offensive continuity and our defensive player were so off their players that they shot alot of uncontested 3 ;pointers! I liked the play of Davis in the post and could of used a few more touches rather than empty 3’s. We need some major offensive changes with options on increasing the shooting percentages, and getting their bigs in foul trouble earlier in the game…

Scott likes to focus on the stats so I am trying to do the same and carry it one step further for him in understanding how that is translating to losses. Let’s be honest here, BYU wasn’t really close in this game. They lost decidedly. If you look at the big 3 shooting wise, they were a combined 16-47 which is about 1 out of 3. That’s not good. I thought Fischer did a good job going to the basket but he forced too many 3’s again… going 2-8. St. Marys had more balanced shot attempts and scoring, that is team play at its best.

This is what happens when you don’t play as a team and spread it around… you win some and you lose some you should win.

You are making my point. It’s all about the offense. After BYU makes the run and catches them, SMU calls time out. The coach gets them running their offense again and things opened up. We didn’t stop playing defense. That’s silly. SMU changed what they were doing and got open. You think it’s all about us. It isn’t. The other team has something to say about things too. We were out coached again.
But really, we missed a lot of short shots that would have given us the win. We will win as the offense goes. Our defense just isn’t very good. We can’t miss the easy shots and expect to win.