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Love him or hate him, the greatest of boxers is dead. Long live Ali…

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I was a Frazier fan personally. I agree that Ali was the greatest though.

Why would anyone hate him? I don’t get that. I loved him when I was a kid and beyond. He was the greatest boxer of all time. You can’t say that about many athletes in any sport. There is no argument either… he was the greatest boxer in the history of the sport.

For several reasons people hated him. His conscientious objection got many mad at him and still mad at him. His arrogance didn’t help him, much like Trump today.
And, was he the greatest? He lost several times. Marciano never lists. Joe Louis lost once.

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Because he stood up for blacks?
Because he objected to a war USA had no business being in or losing once we were in it?
Because he stood up for his religion?

I would put him right up there with martin Luther King in terms of what he did for blacks

LOL!!! Stood up for blacks! That’s a funny one! He’s caused more race problems than the KKK!
What religion? What is he? Muslim or Christian?
Your a riot!

Interesting perspective…

How do you figure? Because he didn’t accept things the way they were? Because he wouldn’t go to Vietnam?

So, you see race relations better today than 8 years ago? With his quick condemnations of several incidents with white police officers and blaming them instead of the criminal, blacks have become activists in a way tha have stirred up hatred against them and their hatred against whites.
He’s also done nothing to stop black on black murders as well. Instead, he tries to take guns away from law abiding citizens.
As far as Vietnam, wasn’t that started by Kennedy and rampt up by Johnson? Both Democrats that loved big government?

I think Fish’s comment was about the Iraq war. One I still agree was necessary at that moment. Was Bush correct on nation building in Iraq? Yes! Just like we were in Japan, Germany and Korea. Iraq wasn’t perfect but at least we did stabilize it. It wasn’t until Obama came along and withdrew all the troops that ISIS formed. His pansy liberal thought pattern has caused all the instibility in that region and allowing terrorist to come to America. His weakness has allowed Sharia Law to become part of our allies court system. Some of Obama idiots supporters are willing to allow it in America. Further hurting race and religion relations.

Um, wasn’t Fish talking about Ali the boxer, and not Obama the president? I think you got excited over nothing.

Maybe…are you sure?
Okay, so you are right…
Ali started out joining the Nation of Islam. Not a group that has helped blacks and race relations. Has it. And, I would object about his reasons about the war too. And that Muslims were ever pacifist. Especially the Nation of Islam. Ali was quoted in an interview in 1974 saying the white man in America is the blue-eyes devil. Not sure if he continued to feel that way as race relations got better until recently when Obama, Sharpton and others have torn relations down again.

This is why it is so hard to have a rational, intelligent conversation with the grasshopper. When you jump and fly around in every random direction possible, nobody knows what you are talking about. Nobody said anything about Obama in this thread until the grasshopper took off on one of his random, erratic hopping sprees.

Great opportunity to admit you were wrong. I don’t know how much more obvious fish could have been.

Instead you ask John if he is sure, admit he is right and then start back tracking only to attack Ali and spin it into an Obama rant.

Stay focused… most of us are beyond caring about what Obama does, worst president ever.

I am conflicted on Ali. I have great respect and admiration for fellow Cougarfans, and you frequently influence how I view things. My 13 yr old son was asking me about Ali last night. I had trouble giving him definitive answers on the racial factor, Islamist conversion, and Vietnam consciencious (sp?) objector issues. I did say he was an amazing boxer, though Ali was heavily faded by the time I was 10 yrs old in 1980.

Do you admire Ali? Was he great for America? It’s hard to listen to the media because they shade everything to the left. Of course, they are going to deify Ali for those things I mentioned above. Whereas if a conservative straight white Christian male does anything, the slanted media is going to paint it differently.

I pretty much agree with a lot you said. Although, in his later years, after being humbled by his affliction, he seemed to mellow a bit and focused more on the right things of racism rather than painting all American whites racist.

This is the Ali that I remember, in addition to the fact that he was the greatest boxer of all time.

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Why was he the greatest boxer of all time? There have been others before and after that never lost a fight and he lost several. Ali once said he thought sugar Ray Robinson was the best pound for pound fighter ever. Can’t disagree.

Jim, I don’t know how you do it while being a bishop but you are an asset to Coug-Fan as are all my Coug Friends that spend time to research and come up with nuggets like this on Ali.

By the way…Ali states very clearly that he joined Islam because organized religions such as the Catholic church were full of white people, and were racist. Ali made the point that he went to a restaurant in his home town (after he won Olympic gold or the HW Championship) and they would not feed him because he was black.

Ali was the true champion of HIS people and called out the White Man’s racism where ever he went.

So he turned to Islam? You obviously don’t know your history about Muslims. They sides with Hitler in his genocide. And, Muslims still continue to preach fascism.

I had no problem with Ali fighting bigotry. But, calling all white people devils? Maybe the Democrats who were supporters of the KKK. But, in 1974, much of the bigotry like serving blacks in restaurants had stopped.

But, now the devil is putting hate back into the hearts of blacks and whites. The process is through liberalism and progressivism. The attempt by man, through man, to perfect human beings, which cannot be done by man alone. Gullible people listen to the secular smooth messages and not understanding progressivism is the new Tower of Babel.

Because I said he was.

I can agree with this comment to some extent. We are, no doubt, in the days and times that prophets have spoken about where good is called evil and evil is called good. It’s just the way it is and those who run the media and political machines are to blame. We are being forced to choose a leader of this country between two of the more despicable human beings in the history of this country. That says a lot… about the country and about the people who live in it. It is disheartening to say the least. But we must move forward with a steadfast faith in Christ (sounds familiar, like a passage of scripture) and seek continually to do good. That is what I will do.

I threw the progressives in there because that is where the Republican evil lies.