Football game, TCU or Georgia, who wins, and the score?

Come on, everyone. make a pic between now and the game.

Pope did a cool thing.
Why BYU coach Mark Pope is sending a team manager to college football’s national championship game (

I would like to see TCU win but I think they were lucky to beat Michigan. I predict Georgia 38-24.

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I would also like to see TCU give some hope to all college fb programs not named Alabama. Clemson, Georgia, and Ohio St. But I think Georgia is too big in the trenches.

But I am all in on TCU! It will bring TCU and the B12 a lot of credit and may rub off on BYU!

The very talented RB from TCU has a MCL strain so I have to go with Georgia 42-37 TCU

I am also ALL IN on a Big 12 win. Come on TCU, make us all wrong.

TCU 48 Georgia 35

Conference bragging rights!

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I want to pick TCU to win. I was surprised that’s TCU beat Michigan. Can TCU do it again tonight? I have a feeling Georgia 38 28 TCU.

I’ll say 45-28 Georgia. I’d love TCU to win but TCU won too many shootouts and I don’t see Georgia’s D letting things get out of hand.

Not starting out well for TCU…

I was hoping for a TCU victory, Big 12 pride and all.

I don’t know which teams could beat them in playoffs. Did Ohio St. get lucky to get close?

I told my daughter-in-law who lives in Georgia that she might as well call it a night. Which she agreed at half time. Now at 4th qtr 59 to 7. What a joke about the idea of the playoff!

Kirt Herbstreet did the P12 and Big 12 no favors toward the end of the game. Ripping both conferences, suggesting that they are barely P5. Pretty low brow of him, even if TCU did all it could to prove him right

Herbie is a devout Ohio State follower. He is feeling sad that his conference can’t match up to the SEC, and has to somehow explain how Michigan simply embarrassed his beloved Ohio State then lost to TCU who got destroyed by another SEC team. Herbie looking to tear others down to explain what happened to his own team.