Football: Imagine this:

Imagine this:

Oklahoma gets fed up with the Big 12 staying at only 10 teams.
Texas continues to rile the Sooners. Oklahoma wants out.

Notre Dame likes Oklahoma and if they could keep all of their own
TV contract with NBC and revenue from the games they play instead
of sharing with a conference and this includes Bowl games, they would
love to join a new conference with Oklahoma and Oklahoma would have
all the same benefits as ND.

This idea is looking good to W. Va. especially geographically and for the
new freedom found in the Oklahoma/ND theme.

Both TCU and Baylor, feeling robbed by not having the conference playoff
a couple seasons ago, thus keeping them out of the Power 4 playoff’s are
now willing to jump ship, especially if they can be in a conference with
Oklahoma and ND.

BYU and Boise State want in. BYU is happy with the situation of being able to
keep their own ESPN contract and BYUtv. They are happy with just keeping all
of their own revenue from games played including Bowls.

Boise State is not as thrilled about needing to acquire their own TV contract and
relying on their own ability to fill football stands and pay all expenses just from their
own games played including bowl games, but to be able to be in a conference with
ND, Oklahoma, W. Va., TCU, Baylor, and yes, even BYU, they are willing to give it
a try.

If offered, perhaps Arizona, Arizona St. Colorado and Utah would want to try the new
conference system where everyone inside the system acts independently as far as
the NCCA rules will allow. Yes, they must play at least 9 of the 12 teams in their conference
each season plus 3 additional games, but all TV contracts and all game revenue including
bowl games would be independent.

Va. Tec. loves the idea of having their own TV contract. They love the idea of being able to
keep all of their earnings for each game the play including bowl games. They love the idea of
having Va. Tac in the same conference with them. The love the idea of having ND and Oklahoma
in the same conference. They want to be a part of us.

Like the time BYU broke away from the WAC and formed the MWC, they could be a player in forming the New
Independent Conference with 12 players that make them eligible for a power conference status.

The teams may or may not be the same mentioned. There may be some that would not fit and others that
would be a better fit, but you get the idea. We would have a conference of Independents that would be
recognized as a Power Conference with all the benefits of a power conference.

What do you think. (Remember we were a main player in breaking away from the WAC and forming the new conference called MWC)

Not a reply, but supporting evidence:
Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Mitch Vingle: Big 12 expansion and MEC tournament news

Everything taken out of context, but necessary to do so to avoid writing several pages.

In the past you’ve read here news of the expansion leaders — Cincinnati and Connecticut — - See more at:

As I mentioned here before, adding Connecticut would give the league access into the Northeast, including New York. It’s what the Big Ten thought when it took in Rutgers — only Connecticut has good basketball. (And went to a BCS bowl in football.)

See more at:

Cincinnati, meanwhile, isn’t Ohio State, but at least the Bearcats’ large state is cabled. - See more at:

reports surfaced that Connecticut president Susan Herbst hosted dinner for Kansas State president Kirk Schulz, who happens to be chairman of the Big 12 board of directors. - See more at:

As I’ve written, UC and UConn are the front-runners for any open spots, but word I get is a third option is Central Florida. There is also some sentiment for Houston and Memphis, but if the league wishes to dive into Florida, UCF seems the leader. - See more at:


Our chances of getting into a P5 conference is better if we start a new conference with us in it than it is getting into any existing P5 conference.

remember what we did forming the MWC out of the 16 team WAC !!

Very interesting concept RU. Who knows with this turmoil in college football, et. al. All I know is that BYU rates being in a power conference of some kind. It sure would be nice to get out of the wacky WCC and all of these Mtn/PAC type conferences and be able to hook up with some quality AC teams in football and basketball. I would love to see BYU in an AC conference of bigs that gets four or more teams in the NCAA basketball tourney and can get football teams to some big bowls and maybe the NC football playoffs.


I guess I really do march to the rhythm of a different drummer than most on this board.

Political speaking, I see issues that in the 1960’s may have caused riots and marches,
and demonstrations and yes, even a change in the constitution, Today we seem so
complacent and have the attitude that if the sky is falling, somebody else will prop it up.

I remember the protest of the 17-18 year olds that said, "We are old enough to be drafted
into this Viet Nam war where some of our class mates have had their arms and legs blow off
but we are not old enough to vote for the politicians that have a voice in weather we go to war
or not.

The constitution was changed from the voting age of being 21+ to what we enjoy today as 18+.

I remember the 16 team WAC that we broke away from with the best 8 teams of that conference
to form the new MWC. We indeed use to be the do’ers. Today, nobody wants to stand up in the
boat because everyone is afraid that the boat might turn over and everyone in it will drawn.

Why can’t anyone today, talk about forming a new conference and making it attractive enough for
a significant number of heavy weights from power conferences to want to join us and form a new ’
Power Conference that we can be a part of? Why isn’t anyone willing to take a chance on life anymore?


I get many people on this site angry with me because I keep saying the same things over and over and over again.
I strongly believe that the squeaking door is the door that gets the grease, while the silent doors get no attention.
One of my problems is that I have not been able to find anyone that knows how to use the grease can on this site.

The majority on this site, and perhaps through out the state of Utah, know in their own minds that we can never get into the Pac 12.

The reasons they give is that we are too conservative for the liberal schools like Stanford, Cal, Oregon and Washington. Some site our interference with the California politics regarding their Prop 8. Some site the Black Boycott, Some still blame it on the no Sunday Play Issue. Some say it is our Honor Code. Some say it is our Religion,
while others say it is our lack of research. Some say it is because we do not receive federal funds and it is those funded requirements that sets the rules for entrance into the Pac 12 and perhaps other P5 conferences. Some say, not on our site, that we are too difficult to deal with.

All above may or may not be true.

There could be all of these reasons, and many more not mentioned, to keep us out of the Pac 12,

Instead of remembering all the things that keep us out of the Pac 12, we should be using all that thought process of thinking about that one good thing that we could do, or change in order to get 3/4’s of the Pac 12 to want us into that conference.

But no, it is easier to think about those reasons why the Pac 12 won’t let us in. We are not willing to put forth the effort to talk about it; to brain storm about it; to make it happen.

There is one person in particular, (Popular among a few of us), that likes to question your loyalty to the Church and question your motives and even accuse you of being on LSD instead of being a good LDS if you want to brainstorm about what we could do, to make ourselves more attractive to the Pac 12 or any other Power 5 conference. This one person that I mentioned above, may be the example of the leaders in the Pac 12 and other power 5 conferences, as just being too hard to deal with.

We have taken the road of putting all of our eggs into the Big 12 hope basket, but as indicated in my first two post above, with documentation, the Big 12 names 6 other teams that they would rather have than BYU. Maybe we ARE too hard to deal with. Maybe we do need to make some changes. Maybe we should stop judging others and putting them down when they try to come up with possible changes that could bring BYU up to the next level.

Yes, we all know about the Honor Code and we can stop now, using that as an excuse. I am sure that Boston College, Baylor, Notre Dame, and TCU have honor codes too. They just don’t offend others with them. They don’t act like they think that they are better than everyone else. They don’t put in the face of others that don’t want it in their face. Just maybe we can be a bit less arrogant.

If we are not willing to talk about what changes we need to make in our own personality, (some times perceived by others as [ know it all ], arrogance, and we are not willing to do what it takes to get into an existing power conference, than perhaps we should at least talk about what we could do to start a new power conference that we could be a part of with creative opportunities for new members that would be great enough to attract strong existing P5 teams like ND, Oklahoma, West Va. and a few others.

Ronald_Uharriet, post:5, topic:5722"]:
“There is one person in particular, (Popular among a few of us), that likes to question your loyalty to the Church and question your motives and even accuse you of being on LSD instead of being a good LDS if you want to brainstorm about what we could do, to make ourselves more attractive to the Pac 12 or any other Power 5 conference. This one person that I mentioned above, may be the example of the leaders in the Pac 12 and other power 5 conferences, as just being too hard to deal with.” Ron, thank you. :grinning: You do not know a thing about me. You don’t even know if I am a member of the LDS Church, or my kind of affiliation, if I am a member…

Who are the “we” you keep talking about, nudging, pushing? Bet you won’t answer directly. How are the “we” going to do anything - really, ANYTHING. Bet you won’t answer that directly. Do you have any understanding at all that there could be 100,000 on here cowtowing to every word you say and brainstorming 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week and all that brainstorming would dissolve like a fart in the wind. Is there anything beyond “brainstorming?” Maybe you could get 15 of us to write or call Holmoe and demand action, YOUR action.

Another question: Since you obviously do not like BYU or it’s systems / principles / policies, why not find another team to “strong arm.” Again, I know you won’t answer directly.

And a last question: Are you a trolling kook? You sure post like one. Given the historical stream of your comments and the content of those postings, I have seriously wondered if you are on some type of substance that addles your brain. But thanks for the love: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing: One last note: Ron just wanted to get some things said but this is boring and not productive for me, they guys who post here and even you. Now you can trash me to you heart’s content and I will NEVER reply to you ever again. A free shot at me or shots. Say the nastiest things you can make up. Your call. :cold_sweat:

tx, each of us want the same things for our Cougs.
We just can’t agree on the path to take.
As for me, i am on the band wagon for most any path that can get us to the place we belong.

Roy, sometimes you are too hard to deal with.
Over the years, I know about you far more than
you think I do.

Yes, you are LDS in good standing.
Yes, you have a strong testimony.
Yes you get into people’s face more than you should.


You say that I know nothing about you. Again, you are wrong,

You say that to mention Heaps in the same sentence with Magnum is heresy.

You said that in part of what Bronco said in the article was, “I took it as far as I could go in relationship to independence, but you corrected the article by saying “he took it as far as he could.”

You said, If Tanner is put on the back burner, there is a good chance he will transfer.

I believe that both Magnum and Hill, each being very unselfish and being return missionaries are truly more interested in BYU getting to the next level than they are in which one starts vs who is the back up.

Regarding the media coverage, you stated that Utah got better coverage because they offered more money than BYU was willing to pay.

I think that Utah, at least temporarily pulled away from us, having 3 successful BCS bowl games to our none; getting into the Pac 12 while no P5 conference apparently wants us; and while they have been consistently a ranked team while in a power 5 conference, we have not. I don’t think the amount of money Utah offered compared to the amount of money BYU refused to pay has anything to do with it. We can’t blame everything that goes bad with us, on the media or on the money that people spend vs the amount of money that we are not willing to spend.

When I speak of (we), I am speaking of we on this board; we as students or alum; or we, as BYU fans that want the best for our Cougars and our University. The “We” of which I speak, may not agree on the main goal, or even the path to reach any/all main goals, but “ We” do all what (we) “Think” is best for our BYU Cougars.

You have questioned Bronco’s integrity. You question whether he has the highest of the high integrity as advertise. Now you state that you really don’t care about Bronco and the coaches he took with him. You don’t really care what they do or don’t do.

On this one, I tend to agree with you.

You judged Sarkisian pertaining to him being fired from USC.

You state that Bronco had trouble getting his team prepared of big games, including against the U. of U. You stated that it was good to have Bronco go to Virginia. You stated that we need a different direction.

With one little acceptation, I agree with the paragraph above.

The acceptation is this: Bronco showed that he was capable of winning the big game as he won almost every big first game of the season, including, but not limited to the big Oklahoma game and the games vs. Texas. After that first big win, Bronco had no staying power. He was not willing to put forth the effort to win the other big games. instead he would lose to those lesser big games but cover himself by programing enough Patsy teams with an SOS average for those Patsy teams to be 100 or worse, to guarantee a winning season and a meaningless bowl game that we never deserved because we got the bowl game because of our programing instead of winning difficult teams on the field of play.’

You stated that the officials messed up several calls, especially early. (Utah game). You also state that the coaches was unprepared for the start of the game.

I agree with you, except you did not mention that Bronco gave the team and coaches time off for healing and relaxation the week before the game while Utah spent ever day practicing to play us. Each team had a bye week before the game. Utah took good advantage of that bye week… we took off for coaches and team to relax and recuperate. We were favored by 7 but instead we lost by 7.

You stated that Bronco and Anae STINK at playing Utah at the bowl game. I agree.

It was more important for Bronco to have his mind on recruiting for Virginia than taking the time to call a time out for our Cougars when he saw how badly things were going in the first 5 minutes of that disastrous bowl game to get the team unraveled and stop making rattled mistakes. BRONCO INSTEAD, waited until we were down 35-0, before he gave the game any of his attention.

Capable, but will not apply, comes to mind when thinking of Bronco as a head coach.

Next you start acting like a smart allelic with me asking me to get on the horn with Holmoe to advise him.

You like to rationalize playing FCS teams.

I quote you: “ I don’t understand the crying and wringing of hands. We played Wagner, get over it. For those who insist that we play 12 top 10 teams each year until we build ourselves up to being a top 10 or top 5 team ourselves. Stop lickin those stamps man, that’s a real gone fantasy and a bad trip.

You were replying to a statement that I made. “ If we want to be respected as a P5 independent team for programing purposes and hopefully be the undisputed top choice for the next P5 conference opening, we need to program like a P5 team, play on the field like a P5 team and win like a P5 team. " We must distance ourselves from anything that resembles a G5 team. “If it is required of P5 teams to play at least 9 P5 teams in each season, than we should do the same.”

You stated that I don’t even know if you were a Mormon. You stated that I know nothing about you. Didn’t your mom join the church when you were about 7 years old? Didn’t your dad join the church later? Wasn’t it you that baptized him?

Well , so much for me knowing nothing about you.

Don’t you have two degrees in the field of Science?

When someone disagrees with you, you call it sarcasm.

In response to me saying that I think if we should (lighten up) on what the power 5 conferences perceive us to be (too difficult) to deal with, we might have better communication between those conferences. I was not suggesting that we change doctrine. I was suggesting that we be a bit less, (in your face), with it. Your reply was:

“ If the LDS church would just give in to: 1) including LGBT+++ and women and non-members into the priesthood and full fellowship including full temple blessings, 2) allowing anyone access to the temple, 3) stop it with those weird practices like the strange underwear.

You definitely sound like those that are “ too hard to deal with” people.
You have stated that with your two science degrees, you, should be able to be good at analysis.

My answer to that is if your analysis is restricted to scientific discovery, I may agree with you, but if you extend that to human behavior, you would flunk my college classes that I have directed in Basic Encounters and Interaction Analysis. In return, I am sure, that if indeed you did teach science, which I am at this time, uncertain of, I would probably flunk your class as well, as science was not, admittedly, my best subject, as interaction Analysis and Basic Analysls .

Roy, I could go on, and on, and on regarding how much I know about you. I won’t waste anymore of your time, or my time, or the time of anyone else on this board with more boring details. I only did this because you accused me of knowing nothing at all about you or even if you were a Mormon or not.

In conclusion:

We need to stop fighting each other.

It is a terrible waste of energy. We should, each of us, direct our energy in a positive manner to help encourage the powers that be, to do those things that we believe would be best for our team.

We, neither of us, may have workable solutions with our ideas, but if we can get people thinking and talking about possible solutions for getting our University team to the next level, (P5 Status), that might work, than each of us has made a positive contribution.

I do not come close to knowing as much as you in science.
We are talking football. My training comes mostly in history, geography, topography, and humanities. Again, we are talking football.

Neither of us has to prove ourselves as being smarter or better than the other. It is not about us. It is about getting our Cougars to the next level. Let’s make a concerted effort to be respectful to each other with no smart allelic remarks attached. Peace brother, peace.