Football new hires

what dose everyone think about the new football hires?

for me they have bounced around a lot and that makes me nervous. Are they going to add to the program or are we just getting more mediocrity?

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Ken N is the new San Jose coach. Great guy, deserves everything he gets in life

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sorry wrong article. here is the one I meant to post.

The fact he coached tight ends in the NFL seems to be a plus.

Glad Ken got the San Jose job. There was talk that Jay Hill might be a candidate. We need to do whatever it takes to hang onto Hill. Another few 5-7 seasons and he should be promoted to head coach. I would say even a 5-7, or worse, this coming season should get Sitake fired but I doubt it will happen. BYU even put up with 3 losing seasons in a row with Crowton and I still think it took rapegate to get him fired.

The problem with the recent hires is that Sitake isn’t a good enough coaching evaluation guy to go get some younger talent and give them an opportunity. He goes for the re-treads that have big names on their resume’ but have washed out everywhere they have been. Gilbride is one of them.

I would normally say yes a NFL career is a good thing, but he was with 6 NFL teams in 12 year. not a good record. most teams he was with them for 1 year. after leaving the Panthers in 22 he went to UNC for one year and is now with BYU. on paper it doesn’t look good. Then if we look at Chad he has coached at 9 teams in the last 15 years. he has also bounced around a lot.

I hope they helps us win, but their resumes aren’t giving me confidence.

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If I am understanding what you are saying is that coaches like Jay Hill, Kelly Poppinga, Justin Ena, Harvey Unga are “re-treads that have big names on their resume’ but have washed out everywhere they have been.” according to what you think.

You do realize that Jay Hill changed the way BYU recruits and “Who they recruit”. The former DC was find getting 1 or 2-star players, but Hill wants to go after the 3-4-5-star players and convince them to come to BYU as proven in the recruiting class for next year and the year after that.

I will grant you that on the offensive side, ARod should never have been kept, but you don’t make it to the NFL as a re-tread coach.

Floyd I was talking specifically about the title and articles posted in this tread. There are 2 new hires listed in this thread. Chad isn’t worth the money they are paying him …… he is an analyst and not a coach and Gilbride is a re-tread. I didn’t say anything about the offensive side or defensive side of the ball. Hill isn’t one of guys mentioned in this threat so you are barking up the wrong tree …. And he has seen success in past endeavors. And to answer your question about whether or not NFL coaches are hired who don’t deserve to be there …… absolutely that happens and it usually happens when your dad gets you the job. Gilbride is a perfect example. Hey did you see Santiago giving knuckles to the BYU bb players during the game last night? It is weird set up that he puts himself in —— a seat right behind the bench …… no other AD’s do that in the Big12 or anywhere else. He is an odd duck. I didnt see Holmoe down on the floor behind the bench giving high 5’s did you?

One of the posters on this board sent me a video of Santiago running into the women’s vb locker room right behind the coaches when the players were spraying their water bottles onto the coaches after a big win …. They appeared to put water on Santiago also but started looking at each other as if to say “should we be doing this? Or should this guy even be in our locker room?” It is flat out weird.

Hill is a stud. Long run at Utah. Took promotion to HC and had a long run at Weber. Came back to save BYU from oblivion. He is our guy.