Football Playoff Nonsense

Is there any doubt that the those who made the decision on the 4 playoff teams are in the hip pocket of Alabama and the SEC.

Three of the choices make perfect sense. Michigan and Washington were no brainers. They were undefeated and beat high ranked teams. Texas was a good pick because they beat Alabama who beat Georgia annd they have been red hot to end the season. Alabama was a questionable choice because unbeaten Florida State clearly got the shaft. The Seminoles were impressive all season until their QB got injured but they kept on winning and won a P5 conference and were undefeated but the power brokers couldn’t abide the thought of the SEC not getting a spot and so for the first time ever a team that was unbeaten and won a P5 conference gets left out. I think it is a travesty because it was a given that an SEC team would be in regardless of what else transpired yesterday.

I write this as somebody who has never liked Florida State but they did what they had to do and it didn’t matter to those who made the choices. Georgia created the mess because they didn’t take care of business against Alabama yesterday. If they had beaten Alabama 4 undefeated teams would be in the playoff and nobody who was left out could legitimately complain. Texas would have been left out because they blew it against Oklahoma in their rivalry game.

Next year there will be 12 teams in the playoff but you can bet all 12 spots will go to teams in the big 4 conferences that remain.

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this was a hilarious skit about Florida getting the shaft.

I listened to KSL sports on the radio for a good 30 mins. on the selection process I too thought that FSU got the shaft but I don’t disagree with the selection committee.

The system is the problem, with only four teams, someone is going to be left out. a few years back, I remember several years in a row, the Big 12 champ also got left out and they were deserving.

As I see it, Georgia went 27 games without a loss and Alabama just beat them in the toughest league in the country. (Yes, I hate the SEC for what they have done to football but they are the toughest league out there) so how do you leave the team that broke Georgia’s win streak in the championship game of the SEC off of the final 4?

Washington was a no brainer

You can’t leave Tx off, they beat Alabama @ Alabama so they can’t leap frog Tx, right?

One could say that Banning a undefeated Mich. team from playing for signal stealing would allow FSU in. You wouldn’t hear me crying over that. I find it hilarious that Harbough, who just a few years back was whining about how everyone cheats and he can’t compete because he plays by the rules and runs clean program
Jim Harbaugh’s ‘Cheaters’ Comment Goes Viral Amid NCAA Investigation (

ha ha ha ha ha!!!

I was fishing with Coach Bobby Knight in Argentina (Rio Foyel) when he turns to me and says, “Coach Dean Smith cheats” at the time Dean Smith had the record as the winningest coach in D1 basketball. I won my 3 championships without cheating and without all those All American’s (Smith had 2 or 3 each year that were getting major payola, everyone knew it. I believed Coach Knight, I still do.

So if you ask me, leave Mich. off but the NCAA doesn’t have the balls to do it. They would rather screw BYU (Adams) because they can. CRIMINALS.

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Funny! However, with a 3rd string QB Georgia should still be in. The 4 best teams that includes starting QBs and RB is huge. FSU shouldn’t have been as high as they were after their star QB went down.

A team shouldn’t be punished because a player is injured as long as they keep winning. I believe the 4 best teams might be in but it is hard to say that Texas is better than Georgia but you can’t leave them out because they beat the team that beat Georgia. Alabama was one lucky play away from being out regardless of whether they beat Georgia or not. Auburn, a middle of the road SEC team, should have beaten them and knocked them out of playoff consideration but they forgot to play defense on a fourth and 32 play with 32 seconds left.

So do you leave out a team that week in and week out won, or do you put in a team that has the better pedigree? I guess the committee looked at who was the best right now. I think Georgia could beat any of the four teams that are in the playoff. They lost the SEC playoff two years ago and then beat Alabama in the national championship game.

I can’t wait for next year to what undefeated mid-major team gets the shaft when they go to a 12 team format.

The problem with the NCAA is that they didn’t make a decision on Adams within a few weeks of the waiver request. Supposedly the rule is real clear and from what I have read it sounds like Adams doesn’t qualify unless there is something I don’t know about. You have to have a mental health or other health issue and show that the transfer is needed for the good of the player. That shouldn’t take months to determine. The NCAA is like a corrupt inefficient government bureaucracy.

I agree about Alabama. I still think Georgia is the better team. However, without their Heisman QB playing, they haven’t been very good. Their defense has been. But, their offense hasn’t been. So, I think that is something that should be taken into consideration. You want the best teams at the end of the season playing for a national championship.

Agreed. There is no reason for the delay. Just make a decision.

Georgia’s QB hasn’t been injured, Florida State’s QB broke his leg a few weeks ago and they have struggled since then but have still won. Alabama upsets Georgia and the 4 teams that were the best Saturday got the playoff spots, personally I think the body of work for the whole season should be an important factor as well especially when you are unbeaten. Two team playoffs were a farce and sometimes four team playoffs are a farce. There are three outstanding one loss teams that are arguably as good as anybody in the playoff. One is in and two are out. Ohio State is out and Georgia is out. It is all about when you lose and even if you beat everybody you play if the perception is that you aren’t winning impressively and your star QB is injured you may get the shaft.

Next year great teams like Georgia, Ohio State, and Florida State will be in because there will be a twelve team playoff and it is unlikely anybody who has a shot at winning it all will be left out. Honestly right now there are six teams who could honestly win a playoff if we didn’t have this stupid four team limitation. There is nobody this year as dominant as Georgia was last year and on a given day anybody in the top seven would have a shot at it except Florida St who is down to a 3rd string QB but they should get a chance because they were unbeaten and in a P5 conference. So make it 8 teams. Throw in Oregon who lost 2 real close games to Washington.

Well, I think the 4 best teams right now after going through the season should be playing. I just don’t think Alabama is better than Georgia. They are currently better than FSU.
Next year will be better with 12 teams. They could have done this for this year. I guess they didn’t want to make a bunch of money this year. Next year, we will have a shot. Don’t have Texas and Oklahoma on the schedule.

Wrong thread here, but I KNOW what Marcus claimed in his waiver petition and the way the NCAA is stalling is disgusting–the only reason for the stall is to directly harm Marcus and BYU. They could have denied it a month ago and Marcus could have made big $ signing to play a year in Europe then go into the draft next spring. They could have approved it a month ago and he could play the full season. Instead they just leave the kid hanging…and he’s a GREAT kid. My mom would have said the NCAA should do the honorable thing or at least be ashamed of itself, but the people running it stopped caring about shame or honor a long time ago…

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Then Marcus should sue the NCAA for loss wages and opportunity.

Haha good luck with that. The NCAA doesn’t care how much of its members’ $ it spends on legal fees and the entire thing is rigged against the players.

If he’s successful, which he will be, then many others will as well. The cost will grow and it will cause them to change their ways.