Football teams that play BYU posted power rankings

Teams that play BYU, week one power ratings

They have UCLA #1 and I agree
BSU #2 while I have them a #4 behind Missouri, and Michigan
Miss #3
Neb #4
who cares about the rest except for USU.
Here is where I completely disagree with these rankings…They have Michigan way down at #6 and USU at # 9…what a joke. USU at #9, come on man!

I will say this, I would play BSU at home rather then trek to 105,000 Michigan any day or to War Memorial for that mater. USU will be gunning for an upset as always and they have had our number.

I’ll go
E Car.
U Conn

Just a question here… I went to the web-site to look at the schedule and… why does it look like BYU has sold its’ soul to advertising? There are more “sponsors” than you can shake a stick at and every single game “location” listed has the word “ALASKA” in the space… for the airline I assume. Also, I’m assuming that Nike supplies the team with all of their gear, because it appears they sold their soul to that entity as well.

Isn’t it just a little bit over the top?

I like the Cinn and E Carolina games. It’s fun to play new teams (one of the things I really like about being Indy). Those are generally bowl teams and games against them will be fun and interesting–sorta like our recent series with Houston.

As an Oregonian and Nike fan, I’ll just say that BYU was one of Nike’s very early NCAA football contracts. Urban legend out here is that LaVell, Bobby Bowden, and JoePa were Nike’s very first 3 major contracts with D1 football teams. Nike has sponsored BYU football ever since.

Hey Tom:

I haven’t been on here for a long time.

I think you’re right about the BYU-Nike connection. I heard also that when we changed our unis back from the Gary Crowton-era blue/tan/white back to the current style, BYU contacted Nike and were told it usually takes months. LaVell got ahold of somebody there and we somehow had everything done in a few weeks. I think Bronco just didn’t want to even think about starting his tenure without putting his stamp on the uniform design. I really like our unis, by the way, just good stuff. No fancy schmancy designs, just good solid no-nonsense jerseys and pants. I do like the blacks with the matching helmet.

BYU also has an enviable relationship with ESPN, from way back as I understand it. BYU bailed ESPN out a few times in various ways with technological stuff in the early days.

Go Cougs.

It’s out of necessity due to Indy. Byu TV runs in the red as advertisers don’t cover nearly what is needed to support the production, so just like the banners in the stadium, every thing that can bring extra $$$ into the program is needed until a conference is joined. If the NCAA allowed it, our team would have advertising on the jerseys from local MLM’s and other utah based companies.