For the win....Why BYU beat OSU at home

1 Slow start…Hall was in a funk the 1st half, almost as if he is battling a flu or something. He did pick up his game towards the end of the night but all of BYU’s big runs were because of SJ, Robinson and Saunders. Hall did hit that dagger 3 to kill OSU’s mo. late in the game. 6 assists, not too shabby.

2 OSU’s Small was on fire-34 oh my!, That center Garrison is going to play NBA ball. As an 18 yo, he has his mid range shot down!!!

  1. Foos…can we talk?.. Oh my…Post game, he says, “the guy looked me in the eyes and I waived him in”. Foos swatted him CLEAAN, got called-got Teed Up. Everyone knew it was a weak call.

4 Foos was on a mission out there. He may be Muslim, on Ramadan, but make no mistake, Foos was on a mission!

5 Speaking of Ramadan, Khalifa, is the only one fasting, means no food or drink from 7 am to 7 pm and yet he managed 3-8 and 4 rebbies and his usual wizardry out there. You could tell from his lips, he was parched!

6 Robinson couldn’t get his 3ball going but he lit them up on his inside work, could not be stopped and his RBs-5. Workin!

7 Que the tape…out goes Knell, in comes Saunders…BYU makes the big 1st half run
Saunders high energy play IGnites BYU’s offense. He is the reason why BYU has surged these past 5 games

8 Atiki gets 1 minute and OSU goes on a 8 point run…no room for him in post play. It’s a shame but some players need time to get their game going but there is no time in post season play.

9 Waterman is not showing up in the stats on this game but he plays his heart out and has to play thicker stronger forwards every night.

10 MVP Spenc Johnson.!!! He was tasked with defending Small, who was playing like he was possessed. Annd…Spenc gets 10 rebs while pushing the ball up court, I don’t know how many FB points BYU got but all were started with Spenc. pushing the ball hard. 5 Assists and his 3s , wow…then he takes 3 fouls, benches Garrison with a Flagrent1. Just took this game over.

11 I got the spread-14 after Foos gets Teed, they hit to 2 Tec fouls (Small) but the forward had to miss all of his FTs and despite they got the OR, still could not beat the spread…HAHAHAHA

12 BYU is the 5 seed-leaps Kansas, now Who in all of Bball nation could of predicted that before our 1st year in the Big 12.
I’m all jacked up on MDew, go cougs…lets get SLCity and a 4-5 seed

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GREAT post analysis. And a few dashes of pure entertainment!
Thank you Mt Dew!