For those interested in BYU and the portal

Here is what Deseret News Sports is reporting about BYU and the portal.

BYU football: Recruiting, transfer portal, NFL decisions for 2024 - Deseret News

Surprises? Sol-Jay Maiava-Peters was a bit, but then I read he had Academic issues, so I can see why he might leave.

The Daley boy both transferring (would not be surprised to see them at Utah) is going to hurt a bit.
Both were up and commers for the Defensive front line.

Based on film it looked to me like one Daley was too short and too small and not fast enough relative to his size to be an impact DE for BYU. I thought the other one who is about 6’5" looked GREAT and I’m sorry to leave him. Only guessing but if they wanted to play together I have a feeling it wasn’t going to be at BYU.