For those of you outside of Utah

Ralph Haws passed away.

He is Marty Haws dad, and grandfather to TJ and Tyler

Condolences to the Haws family

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Dave Rose is co-hosting the DJ and PK show on 1280 the zone today. Might be worth listening to his views.

Petrusev from Gonzaga was voted player of the year over Childs. Yolie averaged 4.2 more points per game. Almost 1 rebound more per game.
0.7% less shooting percentage. Childs defense maybe wasn’t as good. But, Childs should have been the MVP.
And, Pope should have been the coach of the year but He wasn’t.
Toolson was the newcomer of the year.

Childs played 9 fewer games (Stupid NCAA suspension) than Petrusev, that is the reason Childs did not win.

This is true. I simply think Childs played the required number of games to be considered and that without Childs, we would not have the year we are having. Even though we did well without him. Child’s numbers and importance to his team are simply more important than anyone in GU. And, if BYU goes to the sweat 16 or higher, Pope not getting coach of the year will look stupid as well.

I often think what the game with Kansas would have been like if Childs had played (that is if he played like he is currently during)

Same with Utah had he had a few games under his belt. I think we may have had the same record as GU does.

Nine games suspension was stupid I agree but Yolie missed some games especially against Saint Mary and Gonzaga on the road might be part of the reason. Mark Pope should have been the coach of the year
And I wish we had one more game this week before we play the semi finals on Monday

They said that finger on child’s looked pretty gross.

The think I like about him is that he knew he needed to improve and stayed because of Pope and Burgess could teach him what he needed to learn.

I’m surprised he played so soon after the injury. He hasn’t been 100% until the Gonzaga game and especially the Pepperdine game. He was posterizing Pepperdine with mammoth dunks!

The long layoff for teams waiting to get to play in the St. Zaga Invitational is a major problem. It hurt the BYU women’s team against Pepperdine and could negativelyeffect the men’s team as well, waiting nine days to play. Perhaps scheduling a game in between the end of the regular season and the St. Zaga invitational might help teams’ over the long wait. The format of the St. Zaga tourney might be a problem. I am not sure what can be of assistance for teams’ to get some action before they play in the tourney. Any ideas?

I agree but not only that, BYU only played one game at the end of regular season. And another problem, WCC play in Las Vegas early while Pac 12 play till Sunday selection day. Maybe WCC should move the tournament in Anaheim or Reno what do you think?
Again I think the top 2WCC should play one or two games before the conference tournament or something.


Completely agree. Hopefully Pope is running some pretty tough practices. I had the opportunity to talk to TJ‘s grandfather several times at practices. I hope I’m that way when I get old.
Coach of the year hands down is Pope. Player of the year hands down is child’s

Ford played every minute of the double overtime last night. I think that’s the difference in the game Byu just has a deeper bench. When you have guys like Harding,Baxter, seljaas coming in to spell guys over what St. Mary’s can bring in from the bench Byu should win this And it shouldn’t be a nailbiter either.

I agree with you dew. Nine days between games in a crime in scheduling. The WCC should play the tournament beginning as soon as possible after the last regular season games. BYU was absolutely the last team to play on that court in the conference tournament. Even our women’s team was the last team to play on the court in Las Vegas. I like the idea of playing a mixture of men and women’s games, every other day in the beginning of the tournament. The last teams to play ought to be allowed to play scrimmage games if their first appearance in the tourney is over four or five days.

Gonzaga has 9 days too and pulled out the win tonight. We looked slow on offense and careless. Defense was good. I’d like to see the tournament start Monday and semis on Thursday and Final on Saturday.