For those who thought Baylor Romney negatively?

When Baylor announced he was going to enter the transfer portal, I heard a lot negative comments about him for leaving BYU.

I then posted that I heard he was thinking about moving on from football, I was told that I was wrong. Someone had an inside source saying he wanted more PT.

Well Baylor just announced he is leaving football to move on to the next stage of his life.

Former BYU football QB Baylor Romney announces his next career move - Deseret News

Best of luck to Baylor.

I don’t recall anyone saying negative things about Baylor but it made no sense that he would go elsewhere to play football.

I knew he was thinking about his options including retiring from playing football.

Always thought he was a stud. That is why I called him, “Cool Hand Luke”. If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s stars are Paul Newman and George Kennedy (who I knew very well from when we lived in Durango Mexico in the 70’)

Like he has a weak arm, not mobile, not effective… Think real hard about who would say these things.

I was a bit surprised by his announcement, I thought he would play for some school like Eastern Washington and end up in the Super bowl like Krupp… LOL

I also am reminded that although he was a top flight player, sometimes people simply want to move on with their lives. I had a friend in High school that had offers from BYU, Utah, Nebraska, Oklahoma, etc.

Where did he go? To the union hall to become a Electrician, I asked him why? His answer was simple “I just felt it was time to move on with my life”.

BTW, Nice photo’s of you at the Super Bowl…

I did hear, not mobile but he was undefeated til a LAST second call up in the bowl game. With proper prep. time, Baylor would have killed UAB. I mean, they were counting on Hall up until warmups. The dude is not Hall, Hall has elite legs and speed!!! but Romney could scamper, he had plenty of arm and if I were to describe his game, the word that comes to mind is “Finess”

Yeah, got lucky, connections. Got to hang out with Snoop Dogg and Eminem. Crazy
Had some crazy guy chase me down Long Beach while I was enjoying the beach walk, wanting to kill me. hahahaha…I just walked out into the waves and kept on walking. Mental. Wasn’t too worried, I had heard him cursing out people both days I was at the beach (sunrise) and knew he was insane.

Did you get Snoop Dog hooked up with a fishing trip? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Love the Long Beach area, very peaceful beach walk, well when there are not crazies out there.

Romney reminds me of Rogers where he is a bit mobile, but he uses finesse
to get the ball where it needs to go.

If Romney was Rogers then he would still be playing

I was hoping Baylor would come back because he was a good pure passer. And I have not heard anyone say negative things about him and wish him well with his future leaving from football.

I said he looked small. That was it. I don’t think I ever said he was immobile or slow or had a weak arm or anything besides he looked small to me.

Why on earth would anyone like “Long Beach”. That place is the hood. It hasn’t been that nice since the 60’s or so, maybe the 70’s. My Dad was born in South Gate, 15 miles north of Long Beach, Compton is halfway between the two. It has changed a lot in the last 75 years…

Anyhow, I saw Snoop about 10 years ago at a Laker game, the day after he had been busted for pot in Texas or Norway or something like that. My 13 year old saw him and it made for a great moral story. Funny thing is that same kid loves Snoop today because he thinks he’s funny, which is true.

Other funny thing is that same kid is at a K-Pop concert tonight with his brother who is fresh off a mission… It’s nice when you trust your kids.

i have not been there since the 70’s… so i guess things change huh?

I think I’m on record as saying that Cali was magical in the 70’s. I still get the entire extended family there about every other year to do Disney Land and San Diego, old town, Sea World. We love to rent high up in “Capree by the Sea” Play on the beach, Sun Sets are Special

I have lost all my love for Cali and it’s “Rules”. But those Beaches, are to die for. Now I go to Costa Rica or Big Island, Hawaii. Jim, you really need to cut loose and come up to Utah in the Summer, I’ll take you fly fishing to streams and lakes that you have all to yourself. Just you, the green mtns, and the fish

His luck he’ll come face to face with a cougar or bear :slight_smile:

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Dr. Robert Klapper, the Weekend Warrior show, an orthopedic surgeon at Cedar Sinai Hospital, mentions that place on his radio show.

I am coming this summer. You’re on!

You don’t have the patience to fish :mask:

Shows how much you know… fishing doesn’t take patience when you know what you’re doing. I prefer moving water but any kind of fishing is good fishing.

Just throw a stick of dynamite in and then fishing is easy. No tangled lines and fishing up boots…